Why I am staying away from visual media

So I think I might have some psychological issues with watching tv or videos alone where one or more of the following things might hold true for me:

  1. When I watch tv alone, especially movies, I get disconnected with the real world, watching a fantasy instead of engaging with my own life.

  2. When I watch tv I actually get more lonely than I was before because there are all these people I can see and listen to, but there is no way to interact with them.

  3. I might feel guilty because there are a lot of other things more important I could be doing instead of watching tv.

  4. I might develop a inferior complex because most lead characters and people you see in general on tv have a sucsess and perfectionism over them that you could only dream of.

Can anyone else relate to this?


I like TV and use it to pass time and as an escape from my boring uneventful life. Life sucks and is depressing as hell having to go to school for years on end where you probably get bullied and then you have to work for the next 40 years or more at some job you probably hate. I’m enjoying my time off work while it lasts and I’m watching as much TV as I can.

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I haven’t got a TV since one year and I’m proud of it.
Since 4 weeks I have no cable internet, only mobile: 15 GB for 4 weeks, it’s enough.

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Well done.

It’s a challenge to do something like that, especially if you are used to watching tv every day. I know of other people who also have decided to not have a tv. I’m not cutting it out completely, but I’m only going to use in on special occasions. I figure I can get the most important news from radio and newspaper. And for entertainment I have a regiment of analog activities.

Also I am going to try to leave my house every day for a period of time, and never go directly home after work, but rather spend some time in cafes and restaurants or just browsing.

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