Why I am a loser

Why I am a loser.

Loser is a mind set…break the cycle and emerge cool…


In this World there are nothing more than two things. And the two things that are everything are Winner and Loser. Winner is something that wins.
Stop being a loser and always attempt to be a winner and find your place in the World. Winner wins. Loser loses. Winner = Winner. Loser = Loser.

  • Sagar Gorijala.
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Can’t agree more. I’m exactly trying to do that… just do it !

It’s not that black & white. It’s a gray area. Sometimes winners lose and sometimes losers win. And define winner and define loser. Are you basing it on wealth, success, happiness, fulfillment, a happy marriage? Winners may lose at many things that a loser can win at.


Nobody is a loser. All you can do is try, and keep trying if you don’t make it the first time (like most people don’t).


A loser is simply a winner who is before his time. :wink:


Just learn from whatever failures you have and push yourself and be a winner. I feel like a loser sometimes. I just gotta remember to keep trying.

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You can see this thought process in action in professional sports a lot. For a long time, my favorite hockey team just couldn’t quite get there when competing for the league championship. Their captain was constantly trotted out as an example of a loser, and it was often said that the team could never win with him there.

Then they won, and everyone immediately forgot they ever thought he was a loser. He’s in the Hall of Fame now, his number is retired, and he’s considered by everyone to be one of the greatest captains and winners in the game.

The only thing separating the winners from the losers is whether or not they’ve won.


And winning is very relative. People are quick to judge, and in fact a lot of people have small wins in their lives that make up for the “big” socially accepted wins. :slight_smile:


We’re all winners and we’re all losers. Don’t get hung up on this. Just do your best and don’t be too hard on yourself. Life isn’t fair, some people face more adversity than others. And nobody is perfect.


there are no losers in my eyes, everybody is equal, we should all have that common ground.


Maybe compare yourself to others with schizophrenia, instead of to people who don’t have a severe mental illness?

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Loser = Unable to " Just do it "…that is the Image/picture posted above. Got it ?

Not every one can do it, running fast as bolt.

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Guide to win

Age Of Empires 2 (AOE-2)


  1. Rule one:

Theory of relativity:

Loser = Winner.

Being a loser is point of view

or you can say being a loser

is just few views.

So Loser = Winner

means you are a winner

if you change your views.


Please don’t be so hard on yourself @anon93437440
You are not a loser.

If there is something in your life that you would like to see improve, then try to work on it.


I agree wholeheartedly. There are many different ways to express yourself, and many different ways you can prevail over difficulties. If you have failed at one endeavor, maybe you can teach others how not to make the same mistakes you made. There are many different ways you can succeed.


I don’t know, daydreamer…I mean there ARE winners and losers. It’s just part of playing life’s games.

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