Why does schizophrenia have a worse prognosis than schizoaffective?

Does anyone know why?

Beats me, but I have a theory: schizoaffective are usually prescribed a mood stabilizer; some of these are HDAC inhibitors, which can make an AP work better. Additionally, antidepressants which may be prescribed actually promote neurogenesis.

It’s also possible it’s just genetically different.

I actually heard the opposite was true. Now I’m confused. I don’t know which one is worse.

I think it’s because those with sza sometimes get hypomanic, and that gets them through the rough times.


Supposedly the delusions and hallucinations are more intense when it comes to Schizophrenia.
I don’t know, my delusions are very intense and I’m diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder.
It all depends really.

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I think it is because schizophrenia has more deficits but I do not know.

I think because more people with sz appear to suffer from flat effect and that appears to be very disabling.

Probably because schizoaffective is episodic with complete remission between episodes (but I may be confusing sza with bipolar). Tough to say.

Yeah that’s bipolar …

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Complete remission with SzA? - not in my experience.

I stand corrected. Wave is correct.

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Another interesting fact. The prognosis of the depressive type of schizoaffective is worse than the bipolar type.

Still haven’t found out why this is true for this and schizophrenia.

i asked my doctor this once and he said it just depends on the individual patient/client. some with sz are better off than those with sza and vice versa

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I know everyone is different but this is what I read and it doesn’t have an explanation. I’m just really confused.

i was confused too when i read that but that is just what my doctor said

I dunno, but sz is a baller-ass diagnosis to have. Ppl will shake in their boots when u tell them that cuz they think u gonna murder them. Ppl imagine sz’s as an indolent sitting in the corner of the room drooling mumbling to himself. U are blessed by the gods, for u have a very rare condition that lets u see the message. If u ever choose to ignore the message u will surely feel neglected, but embrace reality for the monster that it is and one day u will transcend and find ur seat amongst the gods.


Yup - I agree. :worried:

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Don’t know myself but my sza is episodic with residual symptoms in between. So there’s always something going on even if it’s just avolition.

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