Why does my brain feel like scrambled eggs?

Anyone have any ideas or have had the same experience? Just feels so jumbled but i know im coherant im just confused as to why this is. Can anyone please enlighten me with their opinons or experiences?


Are you asking why you’re confused?

Just confused as to why my brain feels like this.

I get that alot when I’m stressed

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Mine feels like it is full of cement and surrounded by a layer of something sticky.
Sometimes it feels like someone’s fingers are wrapped around it.

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Yes i have that feeling also its very hard for me to describe to people. Sometimes i feel i have mental constipation.

Yes get like that also

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Because thats precisely what you’ll find inside our heads. :slight_smile:

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I’m getting worried that I might have early onset Alzheimer’s. I forget the names of people I have know for years. I forget simple words that I’ve known for a long time. I’m hoping it is just situational stress.


It may be caused by anxiety. Parts of the brain shut down when you’re anxious

Im having serious memory issues too. I worry i am developing some neurological disease and im 22.

I agree but its almost constant and although i am anxious i also am not overly anxious im more tormented so im not sure if thats the same thing.

Isn’t that just part of sz? Cognitive symptoms?

After I had psychosis for at least 6 months I couldn’t think properly and my brain had this heavy feeling and it felt like it was pushing against my skull. It was fairly constant. It got better with time and therapy although I still get anxiety often, just not as bad. Probably tormentation would be causing anxiety.
Or it could be cognitive symptoms which I get too but just sayin my thinking improved a lot when my anxiety symptoms improved

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Sometimes I feel like spiders are running around in my head

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Like your brain tingles?

Medications help and self care.

I’m with ya. Feel like someone was stirring the inside of my skull with a hand blender today at work. Shame we’re not allowed to bop dumb co-workers with a NERF bat.

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Sometimes I feel like someone is flipping a page as if my brain were a notebook.

Right now just my face feels like scrambled eggs.

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Yeah and I sometimes feel like it happens when other people are inserting thoughts into my brain!