Why does he continue?

my dad has schizoaffective disorder like I do and he continues to drink beer and smoke cigs. I wish he would stop. when he drinks he becomes incredibly paranoid. I think he likes being paranoid so he can fight with my mom. he is suppose to get approved for oxygen within the next year or so at least that’s what his lung doctor said he just now got approved for a CPAP machine. he has a diseased liver and COPD.

he promised me he would quit last time he was in the hospital, he has slowed down drinking but I hate the idea that he is drinking again while taking Seroquel.

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alcohol is extremely addictive.

My father who ive seen 10 times is a full blown alcholoic.he cant not have alcohol first thing in the morning. hes bipolar so it just completely reks him.

he phones me telling me hes dying just one of his crazy moods and then puts the phone down. ive lost interest with him now.

I truly feel your pain.

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Alcohol, the great legal drug.

We gave my brother a Tshirt that said:

“Instant arsehole- just add alcohol”

He’s 55 years old now, smokes and drinks and plays Rock 'n roll. Doubt he will ever be any different.
Some people can only do what they think they need and want.
For some odd reason, they never get it that it hurts those that love them, to sit by and watch them destroy themselves.
After awhile, you have to distance yourself from them when it hurts too much, and then they wonder why “nobody cares to help them.”


I think my mom has given up and just lets him pick fights with her. she has accepted that my brother and dad do nothing for her and he expects her to wait on him hand and foot. I feel terrible for my mom but she kind of brings it on herself she is the one who buys him the beer. she knows when she doesn’t he is a grade A jerk. my dad is 54 and does almost nothing for himself.

She is taking care of herself in the only way she can, without the beer, not only is he a “grade A jerk,” but he could possibly live twice as long if he didn’t smoke, drink, and took care of himself.
Nature has a funny way of showing us it cares.

Think about it.

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This is seriously my future, fml

Your poor father is wrecking his health and possibly shortening his life span significantly. I don’t know what to tell you.

i know, I talked to him a few days ago and again today about his promises but he said he won’t give up smoking until he gets oxygen then no one can smoke in the house. I keep telling him he is selfish