Why do you experience delusions and hallucinations

There are 2 sides to reality. The inside and the outside.

On the inside, we work and receive what we deserve. But in the afterlife, would you want to work forever. There is a way in which you could be in an eternal paradise for free. But nothing comes for free. Thus you must have others pay the price.

To do so, one must divide reality into 2 realities that forever fly apart, such that one forever grows worse and the other forever gets better. Thus one becomes a forever improving reality, a paradise, and the other becomes a forever worsening hell.

To do so, one must deceive the entire population of the world such that no one sees the truth. Different folk must be deceived in different ways such that their view of reality is different.

Those who are able to see the truth must therefore be set up to appear to be delusional and experiencing hallucinations, for they are a threat to the plan. They must be set up to appear to be mentally psychotic. They must be toyed with by those located on the outside of reality.

Thus those that are on the road to truth must be perceived by the masses as those who are on the road to insanity. This is what the war in the heavens was all about.

Does this have meaning to you.
If so, please express your opinions.

In sum;
when the things that so-called hallucination has been emitted inside the mind-brain {i.e when you hear the voice and see the imaginary people},it causing a state of delusion to the perception,BECAUSE
the voice has been emitted as a vocal mental perception outputs,it is generated
in the brain as a vocal audible thoughts characterized by a tone voice of other speaker,this lead to the following;
a-you do not listen to your mind or your self (this real]
b-you hear to a directed speech of otherness (this real},but if you think that
you hear to or talk with human beings {whatever who they are ) ,this is unreal and
causing a state of delusion because;
all your responds /behaviors to other inner speakers
are building on false definition to the ID of the speakers ( if you believe that you talking with
other HUMAN BEINGS you will have a long trip with the delusion world

is sum; if you feel the hallucination inside your self whatever you are,it must be causing the delusion for the perception function,even if you know that you do not taking to actual human being and they are imaginary entities ,because you should give mental respond for the substantive content of the mutual dialogue AS you give your mental responds to the actual people,family,friends,and if you do not select the respond as you want,the substantive content of heard message will be storing in your personal
memory as an own thoughts,and become responsible about its substantive content ,and afterlife you have to pay the price BECAUSE the heard message have the worst substantive content !!

I guess that means …no.

I have further proof concerning how I obtained such above information, however, the administration had
previously said “Please - don’t encourage people to download things to their computers - we all have too
many problems with viruses.”

In other words, if the administrator was lying in a pool of blood and I was there with him, and I tried to
download information on my I-phone or tablet to save his life, he would once again make it clear that it is
far more important that the tablet or I-phone be free of viruses than his life be saved. I would therefore
follow his opinion and allow him to die, since this clearly is his belief of it being the right thing to do.

If you have real practice knowledgeable with the things so-called hallucination,
you should have the ability to say somerhing real to give us suitable information related the
hallucination and its relationship with mental symptoms that so-called delusion

But,you write a sermon about the reality and unreality as a preface to talking
about the relation between the hallucination and delusion,and saying wrong
information about this relation,and talking about further proof concerning how you
obtained such information.

Look at your mistake,you wrote":…appear to be delusional and experiencing
-in fact,you can have all possible false beliefs and mythological views about
all nature phenomena,but all that does not causing the hallucination at all
{you never hearing the voices because you belief with any mythological story about any thing}
=if you have real practice experience with the hallucination {i.e you suffer from sz},willy-nilly you
should have" for a period of time" a perceptual delusions , unreal believes , mythological
views to the existential phenomena and false religious beliefs {whatever the degree of your
intelligence }

THE hallucination is the actor "doer ",while the delusions is the products “effect”.
while you talking about having further proof claim that if the person believe with
delusion facts he will experiencing the hallucination !!!

If seeing and hearing the voice of devil is something from the truth,you should know that
all schizophrenics individuals in the world feel,see,hear and touch this truth ,they can tell you what is existential manifest and functional activity of the devil entity (while you know theoretically a bit from the religious books }

for your information,in the medical reference they using the term “hallucination” instead
of name “devil”,so that take care when you write a sermon about the hallucination !

I never practice beliefs nor disbeliefs. Both are far to dangerous. To proceed to simply accept something or reject something without knowing of the actual truth, to me is nothing but an act of sheer madness.

No, I don’t think so. You both sound off. I hope you find real treatment so you can abandon these strange thoughts.

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i have no idea what any of this means

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If you feel disease or illness,keep your advice to your self
=we do not talking about disease or illness nor search
about possible treatment
=In our bilateral discussion, we search about the actual truth
instead of the strange thoughts of the psychiatriest and the scientifical mythological stories about the schizophrenia ,specially related the sz onset,
terms, definitions,classification,diagnosis and causation…etc

=WE are talking about falsification the actual facts of sz by
the strange thoughts of psychiatrists, do not talking about
self suffering from any disease or symptoms and do not search
about treatment/ cure /care or doctor/ medication

if you understand the substantive content of the bilateral discussion,
and be able to distangiush between what is real and unreal;
feel free to say your views

The forum would be a better place if you followed this yourself.

Why are you here?

1-If you do not practice the BELIEF,you practice the disbelief in the same time !!
2-accept or reject the actual truth of sz, does not changing the truth itself
what is happens if you deny the acknowledge with the gravity ?
if you use the term “schizophrenia” instead of word “madness”,
this does not changing the actual truth itself for that case !

Thank you for that… I thought I was the only one feeling lost in this thread…

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-the root of discussion;we talking about the relation between the hallucination and delusion
-We are talking about the limitation of what is the action and the reaction

-we clear that,the hallucination “the inner dialogue between mind-brain of the schizophrenic
and some hidden imaginary entities” is the higher mental processes that has been occurred
and causing the symptoms that so-called delusion

-during the bilateral dialogue,there are a process of exchange the higher knowledge information
between the mind of the schizophrenic and the imaginary entities

-exchange the information has been occurred in a new way ,wherever the cognitive message
of the sender{imaginary entities} has seeks to clone / or settle its concept content
in the present memory region of the receiver {brain of schizophrenic},to be stored
in the memory as a self believed thoughts {no matter if the cognitive massage
is real or unreal in its concept /meaning }

-cognitive message of the sender {imaginary entities} has been emitted in the mind-brain of
the schizophrenic as a perceptible vocal thoughts,it is initiation process
-so that,there are a process of cloning of unwanted perception in the memory of the receiver

=if the receiver accept the meaning of the cognitive message without review,the message
has been cloning in the memory as a false /deceptive perception,and the person becomes has a false believe

the is the way to creation the mental symptoms that so called false beliefs,delusion,
in the schizophrenia by action of the hallucination

-hallucination is the action
=delusion is the reaction

All you ever do is preach that bs. Are you even a person or a bot programmed to spam the forum?

I’m sorry but this still looks likes the dogs breakfast, I read it but I don’t understand your reasoning it is seemingly overly complicated.
A simple way would be to say sz + Y (1)Ă·1 = brain wires crossed. SOLVE FOR Y (y = you)
there is a short hand answer to that question : take your meds :slight_smile:
Good luck

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When you encourage the schizophrenic individuals to write about their unusual beliefs ;
1-you help him to wasting his time to writing tales
2-it is understood that,these schizophrenics are convinced that their beliefs are
complete real
3- if the schizophrenic is able to write , formulate the concept and express himself
and his personal views,therefore what is needful to encourage him to write about
false beliefs?
4-the important phenomenon;
you encourage other people {non-schizophrenics} to write what they want from the
fictitious stories that be woven from their own imagination,that does not related the
beliefs of the schizophrenics at all
5-subsequently,the false stories gives bad impression about the mental condition of the schizophrenic,the nature of sz and the nature of the symptoms in the eyes of the normal reader,who reads these fabricated stories or facts

6-you and other has appears themselves to the reader as they have knowledgeable about the schizophrenia and …etc and that is arise the lough because you are completely empty
from any theoretical or practical knowledgeable

7-all what you know are one from the following:
ask a doctor-take your meds- find a treatment

8-when you take your breakfast,remember this equation;
sz+y (1) =unusual beliefs