Why do you avoid going outside?

Why do you avoid going outside (assuming you avoid going outside which I think most of us do on this site, unless it’s just me)

  • Cognitive symptoms
  • Flat affect
  • Anhedonia
  • Alogia
  • Paranoia
  • More than one of these (explain)

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COVID. Don’t want The Rona.


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That’s a good reason. Maybe I’m a freak case for how much I avoid going outside during the daytime.

I’m a nature lover. I might not want to come back in.


Maybe I need to get better about going outside.

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I like to go outside my home to walk outdoors or take photos. I don’t like going where there are crowds or indoors where I am at risk of catching anything. I miss being able to go to restaurants and get my hair cut.

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I avoid going outside cuz it’s -23 F and icy as crap outside. I’m afraid I’ll fall and not be able to get up and freeze to death.

Sometimes its just more comfortable being at home without the influence of unknown inputs.

No ones judging me at home.

I don’t have any of the traits you listed atm but since Christmas Ive only left my flat 2 or 3 times.

Too many humans. Not always, y’know, but on those days it’s… well there’s a song, “too many humans, we need a nuclear war”, there are definitely far more people than are necessary, maybe natural selection will breed them out… no doubt just more horrible ugly thoughts from my paranoia seeping through


Yep i agree. If i do go out, its usually when its dark (and its helps its dark early, cos its winter) - or at 6am in the morning when theres no-one about.

Paranoia. Someone can give me a funny look, and i will dwell on it for a couple of hours so i minimise it.

I will go out if i have to - like for the prescription - but if i can order shopping online and get it the same day - i will do that.


I’m freezing inside already


I wonder on days I go out what my problem is when I can’t get out. On days I can’t get out I understand. Yesterday I went to the library to draw and the grocery store and to the barber. I hadn’t gotten out for days. I can’t do that! I get so weak and stiff I end up not being able to walk far. Even though I love my music it may be better to walk than practice.

Both anhenoia and avolition to go to the train station or bus stop.

I do go out these days and I am not so bothered - Pregabalin really did help me get over my bad social anxiety :worried:

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