Why do so many people want to get off Aps?

Think about the following for a minute.

We want to feel like we’re better and not sick.

Side effects

I’m willing to bet the truth is #1 for a lot of people.

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Idk anymore I’ve just been fighting a lot. I hope y’all feel better soon. Hugs


My rationale was shorter sleep needed. But I’m back on 2 mg Haldol on account of voices not shutting the ■■■■ up.

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Well the APs have side effects like rocking back and forth, not being able to sit still, or moving your tongue around. Also it seems like a lot of people take APs for awhile then somehow misidentify their schizophrenia symptoms for medicinal side effects and blame the very meds that are helping them. Then they get off them and go crazy.

In reality it’s a trade-off, you get to be sane and calm but you fidget a little on the AP… at least that’s how it works for me.


I think a lot of people don’t like the side effects, especially the weight gain that never seems to go away.

Personally I’d rather be plump and somewhat sane than the opposite.

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It was the side effects for me personally

same. don’t like the side effects
they tried to push zyprexa on me again today but i stood my ground. i told them (my social worker and psych) i’d rather be psychotic than fat. but that’s just me. i enjoy cloud cuckoo land and my friends when they drop in

but they’re still going to increase my abilify. these people are out for my blood

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