Why do people stare at me?


I get this all the time in public.
Just went to the store and everywhere I looked people were looking at me.
Makes me very uncomfortable and anxious.
I just don’t understand it.
I feel like there is something wrong with me when this happens.


people tend to look at you when you look at them. I recommend a quick smile to ease the tension


You may be really good looking and not know it.


Is this paranoia?

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I don’t think I’m good looking.
Family members have said this.
I don’t believe it.
Bad experience being massively overweight as a kid.


Could be.
3rd day off vraylar and my dose of rexulti is very low.


I have those feelings in a busy place when I have paranoia


Stick with your medication it should clear up

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Overweight =/= ugly. I’m overweight and I’m fu cking eye candy, lol. I don’t know what you look like, but you’re probably just smokin’ hot. Nothing sinister going on here.


Maybe one day I will be comfortable with myself.


I had a high school teacher, and i believed he liked making his students nervous by sitting there staring at us with his little beady eyes behind his big thick eyeglasses.
So I got in the habit to just avoid eye contact with him (unless I was called on) and I got good at it. I would focus or concentrate on something else. And to this day it wouldn’t bother me a bit if someone stared a hole through me I wouldn’t notice or be bothered by it.


I like a little chub on a man

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Try living in a town where I feel like im famous. People drive by and stare alot


If people tell you you’re good looking you probably are.


I hear it, but I don’t believe it.
The worst part of my day is looking in the bathroom mirror.


i get the same feeling whenever i go out i feel like everyone is staring at me, when i was off meds i would hear everyone talking to me/ about me and it would confuse me because i couldnt distinguish it from reality so i assumed everyone automatically hates me and id never speak

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[quote=“sigarino, post:16, topic:158383, full:true”] i assumed everyone automatically hates me and id never speak

That’s exactly how I feel.


I used to feel that way. I was in my 30s when I realized I’m not ugly. I’m overweight but I’m not ugly.


I think if I had a girlfriend again these thoughts would go away.
But I don’t think anyone could put up with my brain as it is.
One can hope.


You probably have looks that are strikingly different from a very average-looking person.

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