People giving me mean looks

I feel people all the time are staring at me I don’t think that I look that good I am overweight but I get this all the time and its not in my mind I feel its really happening. And I am not paranoid I sense everyone’s eyes on me and I don’t get it for one thing I don’t like it and wish people would go about their own business and stay out of my way my face and my space I feel their all up on me staring at me and it is starting to piss me off a bit. They don’t just stare they eye ball me I think their trying to size me up I don’t know and its mean looks I am getting and people looking at me like I have two heads or something. And I have felt like I am being talked about too cause today I was at the grocery store and this cashier in the check out line mentioned to the other cashier something to this affect that she looks like a man I think they had to be talking about me I do not look like a man but she looked right at me when she said this. Made me anxious but I got in her line anyway. I had people tell me I am ugly online and too my face I don’t think I am ugly but I don’t think I am pretty either I am so so or ok average I guess. I don’t even want to leave my house sometimes because of people meaning mugging me or giving me the stink eyes or the occasional eye rolling so typical of some teens but I seen adults do that too. I don’t know what to do or if I can do anything to stop the staring. I just want to be left alone by all people except my family I hate most people anyway for good reason cause Of the way I am treated everyday you would think I was a freak in the side show the attention I get I don’t like it at all. But there is nothing I can say to change what people already think of me people will think what they want to think I just have to go about my life but Life has been anything but kind to me people are cruel and evil for the most part at least that’s who I run across and haven’t had anyone to show me any different so done its not even funny about to give up and throw the white flag up

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@ImprisonedSpirit1, Girl, you remind me so much of the way I used to be. Only I used to think everyone hated me, and treated me hatefully, and spoke to me, and thought about me hatefully. That was, until I got on a proper psychiatric medication regimen. Now, I’m all ok.

You need to speak to a psychiatrist about everything you just told us, @ImprisonedSpirit1. In detail. And get on the proper medication regimen for yourself. You will feel much better when you do. God bless you.


I get like this from time to time but I will be fine soon I hope if not I will speak to my Dr.He already increased my Abilify and added a New med to my Abilify and Lexapro Combo I take called Buspar I will not change meds or I am afraid too it never works out for me when I do it makes me 100 times worse my mom always can tell when my mood changes she sees it in my eyes she says my eyes change color and become darker and I look evil and people do not want to be around me when I am like that in one of my moods. I am hoping this new med kicks in soon I only been on it for a few weeks no side effects other than a sore throat and dry mouth and that’s it All I have noticed and none with my other meds other than weight gain and I cant lose it no matter how much I exercise anyone else have that problem losing weight gained from their meds what did you do about it? Well anyhow I will see how this new med works and report back at a later time.

You may need some time to adjust to the Buspar @ImprisonedSpirit1.
It could be adding to your paranoia, I don’t know.

Work closely with your doctor and good luck to you.

Hang in there.


Yeah, give the new meds time to work @ImprisonedSpirit1. I will be thinking about you and praying for you. God bless.


thank you that’s what I think I have to give the new medicine time to work and I hope it does so far its not but it may take awhile only been on it 2 weeks

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This was one of the first symptoms I had when my illness set in


Melina I hope that you do not think that you are evil when someone may suggest that. Deep depression can cause the eyes to look like that and it is actually quite impressive for a person to be able to deal with such depression and yet maintain their moral integrity. That being said we should do what we can to stay away from depression


I don’t think I am evil but my actions and thoughts were in the past I don’t want those thoughts to come back sometimes I think evil thoughts when I am anxious and paranoid have been a little here lately my Dr. prescribed Buspar for me Only been on it a few weeks I see my Dr. in August well I see someone new and I am anxious about that not knowing who I will see has me on edge I don’t like many people I didn’t like my last Dr. he made me nervous and anxious hopefully I will see someone I like and makes me feel comfortable. Usually when I feel anxious or paranoid I avoid people and the situations that cause my paranoia and anxiety for awhile until I start to feel calm again that’s just me.


Maybe you should call your doc. August is still a long time away. You don’t have to live with these kind of thoughts.

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thanks but I will be ok I went to see the Nurse last month so I should be fine until August

You are a good woman melina. Dont forget that. I had dark thoughts too, but now I am smashed by the guilt, which is still hard… You’ll do it! For the weight, I am on zyprexa and it’s terrible how many efforts I need to put in order to lose weight. Its almost impossible!!! The best against the weight for me remains the movement still… By the way, you look nice, I like your eyes :blush:. Mine can change too depending on my states, don’t worry.

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thanks for the compliment on my eyes and my eyes do change colors not because of my depression and anxiety but just because they do that’s the way they are sometimes blue sometimes green sometimes mixed with grey, it all depends on the clothes I wear and my mood I think.

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