Why do people don't talk to each other?

If some one talks, it’s only with someone coming from a relation. All the freaking suspicious.

I thought I was thinking I was the only crazy one around me.

I just asked a person can I take a photo with you and he is like investigating more than a cop.

I have no clue either I am crazy or rest of the people are crazy.

No one talks to each other, other than known people.

Or is it just me.

How many strangers did you meet today ?

I see only @mjseu posting talking to strangers.

Because 99% of other people are annoying and need to shut up.

Being honest.


My parents think I am a liability and don’t know how to say NO to anything or don’t have a trick or nack to handle people.

Its just that I was not like this before sz. But after sz I started to think in sensitive way and overthinking way.

What if i speak to someone and create a liability.

I think it’s the same way. Try to give a stranger a hand shake and they are like what ? Or people like me, alone will give handshake :handshake:

Weirdo out there who don’t give handshake oh yeah it could be the germs :worm::bug:

But seriously where is this world heading. People just stare and if I smile they are like huuu ?

It like I will stay in my cocoon or shell or the Circle.

See me I am open to the ends of the worlds wherever internet reaches :joy:

I wasn’t good at speaking to other people until I made an effort to learn how to do so effectively. I have had the problem from childhood, well before I had SZ. Now I can speak to others, I would just prefer not to.

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Why ? You know the more people one talks to the more insite will one gain.

My previous company owner said I don’t watch news but I just talk to people.

You can also gain insight from books, which is much less irritating.

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Book is one way street. But one way it’s good to read books. What if listener becomes the teller in a conversation.

I really want to talk to old people. I think I will visit a old age home soon. I will make it a priority.

Edit : you may say that I should talk to my parents first :sweat_smile: I have always heard only my parents.

The other day two people visited my home and they said now a days kids kick the parents out of the rented homes. But my parents are taking care of me. I had no words.