Why do I have to see the Home Treatment Crisis team

I am not unstable like they tell me. I feel much better.

When I tried to kill myself on Tuesday, I wasn’t thinking clearly.

I don’t think I need to see them for 6 whole weeks everyday

I cannot discharge myself as my mother is going on holiday and she will worry if I am alone


Cant you politely tell them you dont need them. Im sure your not obliged to see them,
and tell a little fib to your mother?

Thats of course - if your sure your not gonna do anything daft again mate.

When i had them years ago, half the time they didnt even bother turning up.

I have been forced by my parents to comply with the crisis team as they’re going on holiday Friday and I want to stay in my flat and not be somewhere else

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How long do they stay when they visit? Is it that big of a problem? I mean it’s probably good to have someone looking in on you and checking in on you once a day just to make sure you’re okay. I know it feels like you’re being babysat but it’s only out of caring that these people are coming. Try to see it as an easy thing to do to keep yourself safe and your mother happy. 6 weeks will be over before you know it.


About an hour. Not really a problem, but it stresses me out as I have been put in hospital by them several times and we lack a trusting relationship.

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sorry to ehar of your troubles…I hope things will improve soon

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