Why did my Doctor stare at me?

So this morning I was at the Doctor, and I was waiting in line at reception and he was just staring at me across the room. Admittedly when I was ill I wrote a bizarre letter but this was many many months ago. I’m fine now. Does he think I am very weird/odd/strange?

What was the expression on his face? Do you remember? That’d tell you a lot.

I didn’t look. I just know he was staring at me.

D(Y)D You Have a Sparkly Necklace (OR) Earrings On (???) ,

Perhaps Odd Colour of Clothing (???)

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No not at all…

Maybe Jus Surprised to See You … ,

Sometimes We as Curious Creatures Are Sensitive to What Others Are Naught … ,

Perhaps His Possible Blank Stare , For no Real Reason , Interrupted Your Train of Thot & Your Brain is Within a Negative Whirl-wind of Trying to Solve a Puzzle that is Meaningless … … … ,

Maybe (???)

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maybe he was trying to catch your eye so he could display some sort of emotion. or maybe he was watching you, lost in thought. why knows?

If you have no apparent reason why you look weird or odd to your doctor, then I think you can reassure yourself it is not an issue on your part.

This is what I would do to myself.

DIDN’T YOU HEAR? we schizos are celebrities out there :smiley: