Why can't it be true?

I just posted this on another thread but I wish my ‘delusion’ were true. I’d be a multi-Trllionaire, have super-human powers (all of them), have the ability to save the world and the ability to punish those who have wronged me.

I am going to bed now and I always wish I could control my dreams so I could at least ‘dream’ that my delusion were true. I certainly deserve for it to be true. I quit taking my AP 5 weeks ago because I have insomnia and I sleep better without it but I still don’t have my inserted thoughts back (which I miss) or my delusion back (which I miss). I DON’T want to go off the rails and end up in the hospital (YIKES! :frowning: ) but I miss being lost in the concept that at any minute, I was going to get my money and my powers and start my ‘job’ as Queen.

Off to bed in my dad’s extra bedroom in the sheets I need to wash and with no money and no powers. Good night.


Good night @non-average


That’s a nice dream. I always fantasize that I’m reimbursed for illegal things done to me and have millions and can go anywhere I want and stay anywhere I want.

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