Why can't I see my messages page anymore?

When I go to the mail link under my profile picture it says I don’t have permission to use it. What’s going on?

You may want to ask the mods. It may just be a temporary glitch.


HI. You’re still a new user, and don’t have access to the messaging feature yet. After being here a while, you will automatically be bumped up to a full member, and the messaging feature will be unlocked.

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You can still receive incoming messages by clicking on the letter icon here

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This answers my question too then, that why my NEW account had no way to pm @Rhubot
Do you know how much time or how many posts is needed for that to appear, thanks!

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You can still send a message to all the mods. Jedi knows how. I forgot.

I don’t. We can’t see the requirements anymore. But it takes into account several things, like posts posted, posts viewed, logins and read time.


When someone is new user can’t send a PM to mods. So it shows the button but it gives an error message.
This is how i do it:
I click on “hamburger menu” which is left to profile pic, then i select “Groups” then Message Moderators like here:


@Heigen5, we restored your membership, since you already went through new user probation on your old account.