Says I am a new user and can't post pics

But I am not a new user. Can this please be corrected?

I’d pm the proper authorities.

How do I private message?

Maybe your status has been changed to “new user” because of past behaviour. Maybe you need to prove yourself worthy before certain privileges are restored.


Maybe you should stay out of it since you’re not an admin.

It was a reasonable comment.

It is adding insult to injury.

profile -> messages -> new message -> add user “szadmin”

I don’t have the “new message” feature.

“create message” wait

I only have “All, Mine, and Unread.”

Right hand corner beneath log out.

No it should say new message. are you on a phone?

No I am on windows 7.

Hmmm. Good os.

uhh use the search feature to find a szadmin post then click his avatar and “message” should show up

I don’t have that either.

What browser are you using?

I am using firefox.

I don’t know man.

People marked as “new user” are not allowed to create Private Messages, but they can receive them.