Why can't I just be a man?

It just seems like I don’t care about anyone or anything but myself. Or at least show I care. Why does it seem I hardly achieve anything of value? Although I know, my mother can be demanding and maybe even emotionally abusive. Add to that, the medication makes me tired. My father could do a lot of things around here, and she even drove him crazy. I’m just frustrated.

There’s a phase in a man’s life where he just has to be flat-out selfish. The modern world demands it. I’d say that phase lasts from the mid-20s up until (???),= I’m guessing I’ll be more selfish & isolated & to “myself” until I start greying out in my 50’s or 60’s.

It just doesn’t make sense to be selfless in such an impersonal world during an age of religious extremism & intellectual deceit. Don’t beat yourself up too much over it.

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Page 8 of Anthony De Mello’s “Awareness” talks about the proper kind of selfishness. I do not claim to have found it myself :smile: