Why babies cry

The first thing a baby does is cry when its born. Not all babies immediately cry but it happens. I think its because they know what bull ■■■■ called planet earth they’ve been brought into. Its like the baby is weeping over the pain and sorrow it will have to endure for its time here. We should stop having kids, stop the problem at its core. No more people no more suffering.

Life isn’t all bad. There are good things in it too.

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Babies cry because they are babies.

Well, they cry for their mothers or family. They want to have their parent’s love and food. It is natural. Baby kittens cry too.

You try being completely helpless and let me hear you’re take on it. I’d cry too if I relied entirely on someone else for everything, ■■■■ I have man and I could’ve done most ■■■■ on my own back then. I mean you can’t exactly get up and make a sandwich for yourself in that state. And yes, I can imagine being born into a world of whatever the hell it’s populated by has a lot to do with it.

they have taken MRI images of a babies brain while it is crying, and the areas that light up are very different from the areas that light up when someone feels sorrow or pain…