How to respond to a baby who's crying

I herd my gov cry like a baby and that worried me because I thought they were in trouble and in the end it turned out they really were, but I couldn’t get to the baby and it was like don’t argue with the government because they were hitting him a some other advices which seemed dull at time when I was there.

wow, you really threw me. I didn’t think this post would be like this.

I also don’t really understand this, but I suppose it’s metaphor?

This post is real and I wanted yall advice on how to deal with a crying baby.

I don’t get you either

I had some trouble getting to the baby and that is why I am here.

I wrote a story, based on a true story that my daughter told me happened,
about a young mother with her 2 year old child on an airplane,
and the child crying, kinda having a fit,
and how all the other passengers reacted.
I guess it’s one of the worst sounds you can hear.
anyway, I think D.H. Lawrence would have liked my story.

Hearing my baby cry isn’t one of the worse sounds I can here I’m used to it and I find it very parenting and loving when I hear it

okay. well my daughter lets my grandson cry himself to sleep.

I know I used a pacifier in the mouth for my kids. plus they both loved their swing, that usually did the trick.

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I usually like to pull off the deal with them and watch them be.
Even though I know that will get tiresome sometimes later in the future I just wait till they have enough responsibilities to negotiate.

well, it could any number of things, like teething.

it’s hard not to spoil you own kids though.

my kids never really did demand their own way.
they always knew I was in charge.

Yea to tell the truth when it comes to kids, business is business for me.

I really try to play around like you mama’s do believe it or not.

though I can’t risk the real world with them they can really get hurt or
cause trouble to the family.

well don’t do like the Pink Floyd song, “Mama do you think they’ll drop the bomb…” ha, I love that song. not my favorite of theirs though. my favorite is, “Shine On You Crazy Diamond.” yep yep.

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