Why aren't there more deficit schizophrenics on this forum?

I keep asking myself this question. The only ones I know of are @sanna and @negativesymptomshell That makes three of us. Three out of hundreds of users !? Way too few, because deficit schizophrenia is estimated at 15-20% of all the cases. I wish somebody could explain this to me.

What does deficit schizophrenia mean?

It starts with a psychotic break, just like everyone else. But there’s a catch. There are no relapses aka no more psychotic breaks. Instead we are burdened by strong negative symptoms from the very beginning till we die, without even a small window of remission or recovery.

I have had 1 break, mostly experience negative symptoms, my positive symptoms are very rare and manageable. When I asked my pDoc what type I had she said:

We don’t do types anymore but if we did I would put you in Negative Type or Type 2.

Which seems very similar to Deficit Schizophrenia. At least from what I briefly read.

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I never heard about deficit schizophrenia. I don’t know my type of schizophrenia. Maybe it’s this one, because I don’t have psychotic breaks for the last 2 years (and I have negative symptoms too).

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I see. If you don’t have depression or anxiety (these are deal breakers) then you might be one of “us” :wink:

The only good part about deficit schizophrenia is that, theoretically, even if we stopped taking antipsychotics, we still wouldn’t have another psychotic break. But personally I don’t want to try my luck. I’ll keep taking my AP :slight_smile:

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I had my first “psychotic break” in 2001. After that I went 7 years without any positive symptoms just blunted affect and cognitive difficulties. I literally couldn’t complete a thought the whole entire time. It was torture but I was able to function hold down a job etc.
Then one day my negative symptoms just left and my mind cleared. I stopped all meds and lived normally for almost a year. I made the mistake of smoking some pot and bam! Got hit with a full blown psychotic episode again. Now I’m sober and have bouts of psychosis and depression but no negative symptoms anymore. My point, I think the brain changes over time and you can present one way for a while but the illness is dynamic with age. This is just my opinion from personal experience (and what I’ve heard my doctor say) note: my diagnosis is schizoaffective but not rock solid and there’s the possibility that I suffer from untreated bipolar disorder with major psychosis, because my illness is “episodic”

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It’s true that the brain is dynamic. However, a study I’ve read says that deficit schizophrenics can go for as long as 20 years without relapse, only with negative symptoms that never subside. So your case doesn’t fit in here, you’re lucky to have gotten rid of negative symptoms !!

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i am between sz’a with bipolar components…
i have lot of cognitive and negative issues…
my positive symptoms are manageable…though…!!!

Wow well I didn’t mean to intrude. I just wanted to share my experience and give some hope, negative symptoms suck I know that much. But anyhow this may not apply either but I noticed that my negative symptoms went away when I moved to another state and started over. This could have correlated with a lift in my mood too because I was very happy at the time. Anyway if they develope a good drug for negative symptoms which I know they will, does that mean you won’t have to take atypicals anymore only the new drug?

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You’re most welcome to post here @MeghillaGorilla1 :slight_smile: You’re not an intruder, just someone who has a different illness than me.
If they find a good drug for negative symptoms, I’ll still keep taking my Abilify, minimal dose, just to be sure. As long as my insurance pays for it, I don’t find it hard to take an extra pill per day.

Your case is special, @far_cry0. You have been “blessed” with bipolar symptoms, as well as negative symptoms and cognitive issues too. How do you cope? Can you still enjoy life? I hope you get better !!

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Thanks Andrey. I’m still struggling with my diagnosis here as I’m sure a lot of us are. I had never heard of deficit schizophrenia either but there was a time that I experienced only negative symptoms. I will say this though. My personality has never fully recovered from my last episode and it certainly feels like something is “missing” hence the deficit part.
I wish you luck though. Positive symptoms require hospitalization in many cases interrupt a persons life and then they have to recover which takes years. But I’ve read that negatives cause a lot of dysfunction too.

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I experience anxiety but not in any sort of detrimental way, just the normal human kind. I look funny though so social anxiety is a life long struggle that comes & goes, rarer & rarer as I get older. So there is a real thing that is true & can be objectively observed.

Every other human I have ever been close to (except my family) has taken me aside at some point and said something like:

I was really uncomfortable around you when we first met because I didn’t know how to act around you. You are so Normal I don’t know how you deal with being the way you are.

Wow, gee thanks… Why the ■■■■ would you tell another human that?

So it happens. But I bounce back quickly. Depression not really, mostly just Flat & Blunt which many people confuse with Depression.

@Andrey i have told u my cognitive symptoms are very severe (related to long and short term of memory are unbearable…)i cant even read a page on book…
my negative symptoms are ALL the mentioning from depression to avolition ,anhidonia to anxiety…i am on big dark pond of mental illness…

some time I pray god to give me grace,but @Andrey u look functional …to me dude…let-s b hopeful cuz next to 5 to 20years
going to super changing and news are coming…stay optimistic…I am dumb compared to u …anyways
have u feed u r pet…!!
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::I AM STRUGGLING:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::your friend in struggle …

I bet there’s more of you on here than you know…or they know to be more exact…it seems the trend now to give out either sz or sza with no inbetweens when it comes to dxing…I wonder why…

OMG you are too Normal, MoeFaux :slight_smile: Haha, that made my day.
Yeah a lot of people I talk to can’t tell the difference between depression and blunted affect. Even though I tell them “I can’t cry! Don’t you see? It’s not depression!”. Oh well…


Because we have all experienced Symptoms. Which dramatically increases the chances that we will experience Symptoms again.

Wow that Happened, it Might happen again. Let’s play it safe & assume it will happen again. I think is the General Idea. Because this isn’t an exact science, humans vary too much physically & Mentally for that.

That was my take on it anyway.

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I look functional to you, far_cry0? Thanks. But it’s just an illusion. I am very dysfunctional.
My pet is fine hehe.
Yeah I also look forward to the next 5 years, I bet there’s gonna be a REVOLUTION in science, it will take the world by storm. I’ve always been a lucky guy, I don’t see myself succumbing to this illness till the day I die. It’s simply impossible…
Take care