Why are we such cold people?

I mean, isn’t that what it is? That our experience with people has been a cold one so we, in turn are cold in our outlook. Warmth makes me sick so I guess being cold is a defense.


That’s exactly what happened to me.

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I learned after my Dx to allow myself to be silly, to relax and let my gaurd down just a bit, that folks arent all created equal, and some don’t actually hurt…and some can be nice to be around…in short intervals of course.

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I’m not cold, I’m lukewarm.


no Me personally I do not think I am cold. :confused: But I am very bitter at certain times, esp I resent people and my life and my experiences. It is horrible and ruining my life.

I was just thinking, maybe because of this bitterness I can not feel content anymore. It is a struggle :sob:

Being cold is not a bad thing compared to certain people’s conscience :confused:

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I’m a little cold when I first meet people. I warm up though. I’m a love bug to my family usually.


I’m not cold. What do you mean by cold? Lacking sympathy or empathy? That doesn’t describe me. Although I do tend to avoid people. I avoid crowds and stick to myself generally. I just enjoy my own company.

Yes, by cold I mean lacking in sympathy, empathy and in general lovingness. And resenting the needy. It’s not always seen as helplessness but I think that’s what it really is.

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Again. That’s me. I’ve become like the people who made me like this. Sad isn’t it?

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I agree with zeno. Lukewarm. But can burn you out or freeze you down.

That’s pretty harsh.
And the simple reason we grow from dependent to independent, then back to dependent before we die.

Withholding love comes from a control freak trying to get more than they deserve.

Cold people leave this world the same way they came into it- with nothing.
People who love contain all the memories that bring them joy, and they leave with a smile.

What does your head contain?

Mine is a mixed bag of emotions, but like a little kid I try to pick out the good memories to review, and as an adult, I try to keep making good memories to pick from later on.

I’m the control freak type who has only recently discovered her greed.

I don’t think I’m cold. However I rarely give money to charity or that kind of stuff because on SSI I don’t have that much. I mean even if I could drive safely I couldn’t afford a car. I don’t have good or bad credit, I have no credit.

Emotionally, if it’s someone I know I try to give a kind word where appropriate . But I have few if any friends irl.

I think this has to do with conflict between logic and emotion. What is logically best often isn’t what’s emotionally best.

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I think that the antipsychotic is decreasing emotions like love, joy and pleasure and that it also decreases my imagination. So, because of that, I have became a cold person, but I wasn’t like that before being medicated, even when I was sick and untreated. :worried:

Someone who has a lot of emotions is interesting for other people. Someone who have almost no emotion is insipid and not interesting.