Are you a "cold" person?

How do you warm up? How do you stretch your mind to include people you used to reject?
I slap myself around. Patience just didn’t work for me.


Never warm up.

I’m cold, sharp and unbreakable like a diamond.

Warming up makes you malleable.

People will try to form you.


It’s just that cold people tend to be perfectionists, At least that was my experience.= leaving one out in the cold.

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I am cold no emotions due to sz

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I seem cold to people who dont know me well sometimes. Due to flat affect and that. But i like to think of myself as a super kind and thoughtful person. And i think im a great listener. Even though its difficult to focus at times.

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I grew up pretty cold, but now i’m much more fluid in personality. Ready to be stern if something matters otherwise very laid back


I can be cold when needed. It’s a useful skill.

But I do a lot for the people in my inner circle.

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I come off Ive been told as very cold, when in fact I am very easy-going and kind.

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Very relatable. I was very arrogant and cold before. Now I am waaay more warm as a personality. Life shaped me


I’m not a cold person, but I do have boundaries in place. When I was younger I let myself be vulnerable very quickly, and I was taken advantage of. I was naive. It took me a long time to not hate, especially the people who took advantage of me. I’ve found that hate consumes me, like a fire consumes a forest. And the people I hated were unaffected by my hate.

I now realize that a smile, a few kind words, just listening to people, can really make a positive difference in a person’s day. I feel better about myself, and I’m more productive because people will go the extra mile for me. Whether it’s a cashier, a/c tech or nurse. When someone’s day becomes easier, my day becomes easier.


Me too. I like to read books to feel emotions though. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t


Its a defense thing so realizing there are no threats helps open up

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I can be very cold. I’m aware of that. But to my kids i am warm.

No I’m a goofy goober.

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I don’t have a assertive bone in my body I try to be the friendly person in reality I’m a door mat people can and do step all over me you know what I mean

People claim I’m cold. I think people who lie about people, are. Trouble-makers are way colder, just lying.

In winter, often yes. But I did buy a new coat , so that helps.


I think I may have been overly defensive around strangers, but I’m working on that. The vast majority of people don’t want anything or does not bother me. So I’m better off being positive and outgoing as default and then turn the defensive switch on inside me if a uncomfortable situation arises.

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I am a warm person, but I have been openhearted to people to achieve this. I have heart pain a lot from being open and friendly and not always getting the same in return.

Maybe I should change what I’m doing.


I can be cold when necessary

It’s good not to be too inviting to things that aren’t healthy for me

Cold doesn’t mean rude. It’s just about the fact that some people mesh well better with some people and other people mesh better with other people

Like a jigsaw puzzle