Thoughts about life

Why am I here. Who am I. What is all of this. What am I supposed to be doing here. Can all of these things be a coincidence. Do I build a life to return to dust, making all of existence meaningless. Could things be of intelligent design by a higher power than me, is there a purpose for being here. Is the miracle of life, just the state of being alive. To a life of a blind man this world we see does not exist, it does not exist even to the end of the universe. There has to be something greater within


Yes, love comes from within. How many of us waste time looking for love out there somewhere when the capacity to love was always here, within us.


I think about my life, my place in this world, who am I really? what is my purpose? I ask myself what ■■■■■■■ illness do I have. Am I truly schizophrenic, maybe I have bipolar? I display symptoms of both illnesses - so I guess my psychiatrist is right about my SZA diagnosis. All kinds of bizarre thoughts about life and I keep asking myself what does this all really mean? Its like a ball of confusion - it is circular in nature, going around and around.
I have so many different kinds of symptoms, but what does it all really mean in the end. My therapist and psychiatrist are split on my diagnosis - but labels mean nothing really, just more stigma. My entire life is just one big haze of confusion.
What a strange trip it has been

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Well, Wave, where does thoughtlessness come from? Because our strange thoughts are just something to fill a void in our minds. Fill the void with the practical and you’ll be on your way.


We come naively to each stage of life.


Yes, there is an intelligent design, and a reason for being here and a path to follow…
each path is different and it’s like maze with many different twists and turns, some dead ends, and some that go down dark paths…others are really cool. It’s like a game actually, and can be played as such…there are many levels, seemingly unending…

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I try to talk about this with other people (primarily C) but he refuses to talk with me about it. He says there is no point in wondering, we can’t do anything about it.

That has turned out to be incredibly healthy for me. Because I don’t have anyone to talk to about it I have stopped obsessing over it.

I don’t know how much control we have over anything in our lives except the choices we make that play out in the quality of our life.

There are ghosts. My mom and I saw a lady walk through the wall at the antiques store. So there is something after this. It was awesome!

What is the meaning of life for an individual cell? What are we but a massive composition of these cells. We’re not the real living things here, our cells are. We are just as much a living thing as the cities and communities that we live in are.

A single cell lives to live. It doesn’t even have the concept of ‘purpose’; from what we know, neither does the universe. We do because we invented the idea of purpose.

To inquire whether we have a purpose in life is ultimately a flawed inquiry. That would be implying that life can have traits that only life can decode. To put simply, something can not exist without the means of it existing.

Whether there is a god or other divine force out there or not? That is a difficult, or impossible question to answer. The idea of religion was conceptualized by humans, but there’s no way to know whether the concept came from something real or not. It did seen curious that the concept exists, but it’s existence remains a mystery.

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Yeah, I have seen and/or experienced more than one. A friend and I both saw our dead friend walking behind us following us…looked 3 D…saw him twice and when we turned around the last time to confront him he was gone…
Saw 2 from the cemetery up the road, my oldest son also saw one of these.
And while my wife’s hasn’t appeared visibly, she has left a lot of stuff for me to find that was lost or hidden, or she makes noises around the house…or makes signs with animals…broke a glass candle and the spilled wax formed the first letters of our names on a book…
the breaking candle did make me jump because it happened suddenly, & unexpectedly, but when i saw the 2 letters on the book in wax I said “oh that was you… cool…”

@Apokalypz by you posting while i was typing you made me get the 11th post… i would have had the 10th if not for you…you synched me 11:11

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EVeryone wonders about the meaning of life. For all the Monty Python fans out there, it’s 42. :wink:

Seriously, I can’t contemplate that anymore. I have spent hours and hours in ponder and as I still very still not moving and yet pondering. But the life I was pondering was passing me by. As I got better, I had to let the pondering about this life go as I began to live this life.

For a while, when I was ill, I was sure I had one prime directive and a universal purpose and was tapped to change mankind. When that prime directive became fulfilled, and the other delusions left me, I sort of saw the meaning of life as trying to live better.

I admit it’s a bit of a let down when it really hits you that we are not tapped for a special purpose, we are just meant to live the best we can in my humble opinion.


My son seems to be on the edge of this. When he’s not using weed then he is living life instead of thinking about all it is or isn’t. Life can be whatever you want it to be. Why waste it thinking about the possibilities when you could be living the possibilities. After 3-4 years of thinking he is still no closer to the answer then he was 4 years ago except that 4 years has passed… No enlightenment as it is always just out of reach.


Life to me is to worship God in everything I do, to be faithful to His Eternal Law He reveals in His scripture and by the example of our leader in Islam, Propher Muhammad, peace be upon him. So my view of life is inseparable from my religion.
Life, though - not easy!

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It’s the knowledge of lesser things i would think, these most certainly are not greater things.

If we didn’t know the lesser we could not fully understand or appreciate the greater.

And it’s screwing up to, because if we didn’t screw it up we couldn’t learn enough to do it right, like when we learned to walk we screwed it up and that was part of learning to do it right.

I would not have done this had i not been forced to.

Monty Python? Don’t you mean “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”?

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My bad, I’m getting the Douglas Adams book and the Monty Python movie mixed up.

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God knew what was going to happen in your life before it happened. There is a definite purpose in life. Your life journey molds you into the person you become. God loves you

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Have you ever read Hitchiker’s Guide?

Yes many times. I love comic sci fi and Doug Addams was my gateway.