Why are these people mad at me

People yell insults at me, I’m getting possessed by really mean people, what could be the reason for this? Think they can read my intrusive thoughts. They affect the way I think though. Need this to stop only way I can live a normal life. Want to be me but better someday. They portray me in such a negative light.

This is most likely a series of auditory hallucinations. Either that, or you live near a bunch of assholes. I struggled a bit with thinking people could read my thoughts a while ago, and I coped by wearing sunglasses. My reasoning was, if they can’t see my eyes, they can’t read my thoughts. It is kind of silly, but it worked for me until I was able to work on getting over that delusion.

For a while I thought my neighbors were yelling insults at me and they would disappear out of sight so I could never actually find them to talk about it. I would try and ask around my block and the university when I was taking classes there but they would always say they didn’t know what I was talking about. Fast forward like 4 years and I’m pretty sure it was mostly all if not all hallucinations. I always thought they were stalkers when they would seem to follow me when I went out of town or when I moved away for a short time. You probably are having hallucinations unless you can actually see them. If you have someone you live with you can ask if they hear anything too. I was once walking home with a woman and I asked her if she heard anything. Freaked her out apparently.

I just had a punk Kid call me names and say that I should “get on the bike path” … Fxxk them man!

If you are really put out by such nonsense ?

Have them get up in your face and .bitch… then…?