Why are hospital stays so long?

I tried to go in voluntarily to get a depot injection. Ended up on an S3 (section 3) of the mental health act.

I have leave outdoors of the hospital by myself and have taken meds.

Not psychotic or a danger to myself or anyone else.

But they’re making me wait till Monday to go home.

It’s so stupid. I should have been home a week ago.

I find some hospitals are like this, where they don’t use the least restrictive practice.

I had insight the whole time.

No psychotic episode should equal no 51/50 (section)

What’s up with all the bureaucracy and box ticking nonsense?

I’ve been detained since Oct 25th. So unfair when all I asked for was a med adjustment.

I’m gonna make a complaint to the CQC.


I have no idea but sometimes the stakes are high for mental health hospitalizations. Dealing with self harm or danger to others is usually the reason cited for admitting people. I suppose the problem is not that they keep them too long but perhaps that they admit people without cause a lot of the time…

Or at least they fail to distinguish between dangerous situations and those who just need a little help. As a result they keep everyone as if they’re a danger to themselves or others.


I think for me it’s probably cos of my track history. 7th hospitalization.

Just wish the process was faster.

Next time I’m never offering to go in voluntarily again.

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It wouldn’t surprise me if some of the long time is due to their wanting more money.


Yeah this happens a lot where you go in voluntarily and when you want to leave they just section you. People a lot of times think they can leave whenever but they can’t.

Not saying this is always the case but I know that it’s common to have this happen

@PinCushion i kind of think that’s true sometimes

It’s like they keep you until ur insurance won’t pay anymore and then when that happens ur magically cured and ready to leave.


They aren’t in my part of Canada. They usually send you home before you’re stable, but you’re still more stable than the person who got your bed.


Are you replying to me or someone else

To the OP. That is generally assumed when it is not directed specifically.

So,the hospitals are crowded in Canada?


That’s one way of putting it. Our health care system is in the middle of a meltdown.


I voluntarily went to hospital in 2014,they told me first ( doctor in checking point) that I don’t have to stay,but I wanted bc of irregular sleep patern.
Then they kept me for a month (for a sleep dissorder :neutral_face:)…

After month I was actually thrown out,bc of procedure that they have to justify my further stay to health system.

So I don’t plan to go again.

PS Eastern Europe…


Did you change your name?

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In the UK there is a shortage of beds

And nhs is tax funded

But I can see some hospitals milking it by keeping people.

More people means more funding.

Some people never seem to leave

The system is broken in the UK.

Sub par.


Yes,when I came back from anoning account …

If you have good insurance then hospitals will keep you longer
It’s a money game


When I was a teen my dad had good insurance. I ended up in the hospital for a very long time. They even admitted when I finally got to go home it was because the insurance refused to pay any longer


I ended up staying in the psych hospital for weeks on end because I have decent insurance


As a teen I had Master Major Medical BCBS. They kept me inpatient for a very long time. Then when they finally released me, they put me in partial patient 5 days per week for a whole year! It’s such a scam


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