Why are Gut feelings called 'gut' feelings?

Are the feelings coming from the gut?

why is it that they are sometimes right and sometimes wrong?

what is the point of that the purpose if they are sometimes right and sometimes wrong

or can they be developed, fine tuned

or are they always right??

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Intuition is probably a thing but it’s more reading people and situations. It really is a skill in my books and reading people so to speak really is a thing.

Still. You live and you learn. I’ve wasted my life helping some really shitty people but I’ve learned. I would say my gut feelings towards those sorts of people is so much better developed!


I can only speak for myself, but if I’m nervous or angry I get feelings in the gut area of my stomach. Knots, tingling, that sort of thing.
So if I have a “gut feeling” something is gonna go wrong, my stomach feels funny


Intuition is a process that gives us the ability to know something directly without analytic reasoning, bridging the gap between the conscious and nonconscious parts of our mind, and also between instinct and reason. In essence, we need both instinct and reason to make the best possible decisions for ourselves, our businesses, and our families.


They used to always say a woman’s intuition. I’m not sure how accurate or politically correct such a thing is or was but would seem to me to be a gut/intuitive process. I think most artists operate on an intuitive process…like when is a painting finally done?


Basically, according to Paller, the human brain can access unconsciously saved memory. And at certain moments, you may reach it – especially when trying to make a quick decision.

In sports you use muscle memory. In something like cricket you pick up the speed of the ball and you react as fast as your reflexes. It can be an unconscious thing. You hit ball according to cues and it’s so fluid. Sometimes it amazes me that I hit that shot. I don’t think about it…

So for intuition I totally agree. It’s the same process. Your relying like a sportsperson on previous experience and although it isn’t in the instant action it’s still validating the process…?/

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I knew this guy some time back now I always found it hard to hug him or sleep with him (as in, fall asleep beside him ever) but then later on things unfolded…I came to see the way he would treat me which was not good.

it makes me wonder, was that some ‘psychic intuitive’ thing or was I falsely projecting my low self esteem and so could not hug and sleep for THAT reason …I do WONDER

They’re deep and strong. Just like the term “dig deep”.
Used to hear “dig deep” in sports. When I played soccer in high school the coach ran us like crazy. The worst time was when he had us run 21 minutes straight in practice for breaking a rule. It was 21 minutes of sprints in addition to our regular practice. That was one time I truly had to dig deep. By the end of practice I didn’t think I had anything left but I managed to survive.

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Maybe a bit of both, intuition and low self esteem idk

You can build that up. Simply. You are worthy of good things and don’t accept poor outcomes. Much like a sportsperson. To be good they don’t accept poor outcomes and train themselves accordingly.

Your a good person. Your attractive. You need to feel comfortable with yourself and project that. It’s hard to make that transition but give yourself some credit. Intuition is good. If you feel something is wrong in a relationship it probably is.

We live and learn but your worth it. Be strong. Give yourself some credit and work on your strengths. It will get better.


The question that bothers me is whether hunchbacks are really better at having hunches.

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I think gut feeling is a 6th sense a intution feeling type thing

Great thread btw R.F

Deleted my old comment because it turned out not to be factual. The actual reason seems to be because there are so many nerves connecting out digestive system to our brains, and they directly influence each other through neurotransmitters and peptides. When the brain notices through pattern recognition that something is wrong, it sends signals to the stomach that we interpret as a gut feeling of uneasiness. That clues us in to what the brain subconsciously noticed much more quickly than sitting down and parsing out WHY we feel that way, which is what would happen if we only experienced that feeling consciously by thinking about it. Quicker gut feelings leads to quicker reaction times, which leads to getting out of danger more quickly and surviving to pass along this trait to our offspring.


This is also presumably why doctors are always asking us about our diet when we complain of mental health issues, because a healthy digestive biome will transmit feelings of comfort and wellness to the brain, which will in turn release neurotransmitters that let you know you are healthy and able to relax. And it works out of order, too. If your brain isn’t producing the correct neurotransmitters, it might make you crave certain foods that trigger a release of those neurotransmitters. Which is why we might crave high fat/starchy foods when we are depressed.


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