How much should gut instinct be trusted?

What’s yours opinion on that fellow forum people?

I’ve brought this up on here before. When you have a psychotic disorder you can’t trust your gut. It will tell you your delusions are true. You have to use your logical mind at all times pretty much.


0% only bring troubles

I will still act with my gut feeling, even though a lot of the time it was wrong.

Social communication and dealing with people is not my strong point at all, so I do get quite a few things wrong a lot of the time.

The problem is I have to deal with people, and in conversation etc you have to act quickly to be able to speak, so I have to take my gut feeling into consideration even though I know it may be way off base

I try to logically consider what my gut instincts tell me to figure out if they’re coming from a sound place or one based in psychotic delusion/paranoia.

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I usually go with my gut, it’s saved me from some unsavory situations many times, but there are times to ignore it, like many gut instincts I have dealing with women lol.

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