Gut feelings anyone?

I sometimes have a really strong gut feeling. I try to not let it effect my behaviours as since this illness started I have sometimes found my gut feelings to be wrong.

But take this example: yesterday I woke up with a feeling of dread in my belly. It was really strong but for the life of me I couldn’t think of what was causing it. After 15mins I remembered I had a dentist appointment later and was really nervous about it.

It was like my body remembered this stress but my mind had forgotten about it. Weird eh?


I hate dentists too. I need 10-15 mg Valium to even enter his office.

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gut feelings can be both good and bad… I have those cases where my mind might forget something… but my brain remembers…

for me… usually gut feelings kick in when I’m having a bit of a paranoid day.

Good luck at the dentist…

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Just need a couple of fillings. I thought this was incredible since I hadn’t seen a dentist in 10 years. Just need to get me feet sorted and things are looking rosy.

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instincts are very important. premonitions? kinda in the same category as deja vu, in my mind – psychosis in the otherwise mentally well.

I get gut feelings all the time, I usually ignore them but sometimes I get nervous about that

Had a gut feeling something was wrong for the whole week before my GF Sam died five years ago, had I gone with it and taken her to the hospital or something, I may have kept her alive, though I have been told over and over it would not have made a difference since her condition could only be determined via autopsy. I really need to ask her family what the diagnosis was, I never really paid attention to it, it always makes me feel depressed to think about it.

I have visceral feelings about some things, but I rarely express them. It turns out badly when I do.