Why are delusions so intricate?

All of my delusions are so realistic. Is there a reason for it?

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Mind is powerful


I agree with @Om_Sadasiva, the mind can think of anything and make it seem real.

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me too!

thank you for reminding me

i was living delusion now …

:sob::sob::sob: i was thinking in black thoughts about death and fear now becoz of delusion really :sob::sob::sob:

these delusions are very annoying really and can cause to become very angry like me now !!!

now it is 2 am

i talking remotely to group of ppl from different stupidity agencies !!!

they threaten me …they talk say very annoying words !!!

these delusion are very bad really

thank you for saving me from these delusions!!!

whenever i disbelieve them they mock me!!! omg incredible !!! i even start to fear disbelieving them !!! then they become delusion !!!

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It sounds like you’re hanging on very well! The fact you know it’s delusion is a very important step!

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