Why Americans Are So Angry

Back in the 1980’s I saw a news broadcast of a Oscar Meyer factory closing in Memphis. Some of the workers there made $30 an hour. Of course Union dues may have cut into their wages but at the time that was a good salary. Now consider the fact inflation has risen substantially when you see the next figure . At least %64 of Americans now make under that with 51% making under $20 an hour. A lot of these people are the majority of Americans who have not earned a degree in college because they were better with their hands, and their bodies than what they put on paper. A lot of them are also in service jobs where they are supposed to be available all hours of the day or at least have rotating shifts, work weekend and holidays (my niece once worked for minimum wage for 12 hours on Thanksgiving night), and have little job security. This is making a lot of Americans disgruntled and that’s what the nontraditional candidates like Trump, Cruz, and Sanders are tapping into,

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Hey, this whole country was founded on hate, anger, and violence. All of us with anger today are just carrying on our forefathers traditions. Like George Carlin once said. Violence is natural in American culture. Just look at our national anthem. Christ, we’re just about the only country in the world who talks about bombs and rockets in their national anthem.


We are in a crap phase where technology hasnt eliminated not only all jobs but the need for money…we might tear ourselves apart before we reach the wonderful sounding utopia science can lead us to.

Just think about it how many jobs have been destroyed due to technology…we complain because our current way of living and thinking requires us to work to survive and like i said we are in the shitty transitioning period…

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The steady downward pressure on wages scares me. We have the ability to produce huge amounts of goods and services, but because of this downward pressure fewer and fewer people are going to be able to buy them. I think the best approach is to work for higher wages overseas and to bring down trade barriers. This might be a little inflationary at first, but because we have the ability to match that extra money with more goods and services, it won’t set off a ruinous bout of inflation.

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