Why am I so abusive?

Why am I so abusive? Why am I so angry? Why do I rage so much? My poor husband doesn’t deserve my screaming. I wasn’t abused as a child so why am I so abusive? It hurts so much…:sob::sob::sob: I don’t want to lose my dear husband… God what is wrong with me? Is it my sza?

IMO it’s brain inflammation stressing you out, and making you unnaturally angry. Could be due to a leaky blood brain barrier, and leaky gut, causing certain trigger foods to make your brain swell.

Just a theory.

I had a chronic crushing headache for years before taking alkaine water plus alkaline drops for two months, and that just vanished my brain inflammation. My current head pressure is maybe 1/10, when before it was like an 8.5 out of 10, I felt like I was going to die.

I don’t know the reason but I used to get mad at my mom when it was other people I should have been getting angry at. But since I was so close with my mom I took my anger out on her.

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My ex’s mother would make me mad and I would be mad at my husband bc his mom would do this or that.

I was the same way until i got on the right meds.

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You know I had a doc put me on Prozac I think it was and after that I was just so angry all the time. It took everything in me not to blow up at my grandmother. When I got off the Prozac I was fine.

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