Why am i cryng?

Crying crisis… What a hell? I was fine!

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Hormones? Menstrual cycle?

It’s good to cry
Come to think of it I haven’t cried in a long. Time

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What meds are you taking?

Only aripiprazol 5 mg, two weeks taking it

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I cried yesterday for the first time in 2 years.
It felt good to finally be able to, although I felt a bit silly


Im on that aswell, 15 mg. Expect extreme mood swings at random. Though i dont get sad or cry, i just get really happy and manic.

Well until you get used to the meds, abilify is suppose to stablize mood. But for me it makes me pretty happy and cest la vie about everything. I have minor ocd about what people might think about me and i used to be worried about the future. But on my meds its more, let live and keep going. Better outlook on life and wanting to be outgoing.

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I see. With 15mg, i would feel sedated

10mg is the minimum dose for schizophrenia.

I felt awful on less than 10mg.

I cry from anti-psychotics, too, and in particular now that i’m on aripiprazole.It doesn’t bother me at all.

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I cried through half of my support group on Monday. I felt bad because I hate crying in front of people but I really felt better afterwards. I’m on 5mg aripiprazole.

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I like this way, well, better then sedated

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Abilify made me manic as hell !!

Biologically speaking, crying occurs when you have a buildup of hormones in your body. It’s the body’s way of releasing all of the pent up cortisol and oxytocin and such so you can regain equilibrium. Is it possible you didn’t notice the stress hormones building up because you are used to having higher levels? Try to pay attention to what happened in the times before you started crying, to see if you can spot some warning signs. And remember: crying is a good thing. It releases all the icky chemicals your body needs to get rid of. You usually feel better after it’s over.

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Ok. Thank you :wink:

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Been crying myself to sleep some days…

I don’t think I can cry

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I try to cry. It beats anxiety. But it rarely works.

men find it harder to cry i think, i cry sometimes but its like everything has to build up first, takes a lot to cry but i almost did tonight

@Moonwalker I can’t cry either life has made me so hard I can’t even when I want too.
I get jealous of people who can just because I can’t. I think people think I’m cold hearted but I’m not. I just can’t