Why am I always depressed when I wake up in the mornings


It’s weird sometimes I sleep till Non sometimes I sleep until 4-5 am. I prefer when I woke up in the morning


My mornings are usually started at mid day, pretty sure due to dysthmia & as the day progresses I get better, sarcosine maybe a help to that


That’s interesting to me because sometimes I am the opposite. Happy in mornings depressed at evenings. Mayb it’s cus it can b fun to envision a exciting future at night


You sound like you are in to orthomolecular medicine. Hav u read abram hoffers books? Hav u had ur histamine levels tested?


I’ve skimmed an orthomolecular medicine book, looking for some insight towards the adrenochrome hypothesis of schizophrenia, and my main takeaway from it was to take Niacin and a good multivitamin with ample B-vitamins.

Haven’t tested my histamine levels.

I feel okay on the Niacin / multivitamin regimen, but the next thing I’m going to try is Glutathione, to cure my chronic headache once and for all. The pain has been going down gradually with Niacin, but Glutathione could speed healing up.

Orthomolecular medicine doesn’t speak of NMDA receptor hypofunction, which I believe is the cause of schizophrenia, however Niacin treats that by increasing the amount of Kynurenine 3-monooxygenase produced, which in turn slows down the production of Kynurenic acid, which is an NMDA antagonist and causes NMDA hypofunction.


I see it sounds like you may have naturally low histamine levels (overmethylation), if niacin works for u, mayb u r right about orthomolecular medicine, there was a time wen I was stable on only methionine for bout 6 months, but I relapsed wen I lowered my dose


I might have to look into that, thanks.


I feel the same @anon1152203 I’m not a morning person either. It’s like when I wake up the whole day weighs on me. And as I live thru it the burden gets lighter and lighter. At night I’m happiest. And feel less depressed


Yep I’m exactly the same


I had to change my alarms to a song I liked and made me happy when I hard it. and I gave up eating be for sleeping. left me feel sad from over eating.


Same with me, I am always depressed in the morning and need to wake up and do something to make myself feel better. I feel bad if I sleep in and plagued with thoughts.


I have the same thing


I go thru the same thing. I panic when I wake up, but don’t want to wake up.


R u on an antidepressant?


You could have difficulty breathing while you sleep, i.e. snoring, sleep apnea, nasal mucus or something along these lines.


For me waking up in the morning is a battle of my will. Laying on my pillow feels very good and I just want to stay in bed as much as possible. I don’t feel depressed. My psychiatrist says it is not due to my medication and refuses to make any changes.
I have had this problem for at least 9 months if not years.


I don’t really get depressed in the morning but I don’t feel great either mentally. I think it just takes time for your brain to start working.


“I think it just takes time for your brain to start working.”

For me it’s a lot more than that. It is a major struggle and it has been going on for 9 months.


This is a common and known phenomenon… It’s called Diurnal Variation. You could google it for more information.


You don’t understand. It is a major struggle for me. I almost can’t even get up in the morning. It has been causing me to suffer for more than 9 months. I don’t want my suffering to be minimized.
I know what Diurnal Variation means.