Who likes winter?

I mean alot of snow and all?

I like winter. I like the cold air. It feels clean.

When i have had enough of summer i miss winter.


I am enjoying winter myself.

Eating comfort food
wearing warm clothes
drinking hot cocoa
enjoying the peace and beauty of winter :snowflake:


Not me.
A long time ago I used to love the cold, dark, misty-grey days of winter, especially the smell of wood burning stoves making thair smell like the beaches we never go to- and the fact most people stayed inside, making it a near empty, silent world.
Ah, those were the days…
Times have changed and now burning wood in your fireplace has been banned- to much polution they say, bah The electric company just wants you to pay them to keep warm instead, those greedy buttheads- not like they aren’t so gigantic they don’t require an address when you snail mail them- only their name and zip code!
Plus California only has the new 4 seasons- flood, fire, drought, and earthquake.

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It’s so cold to exercise. I touch the work out bars and they’re frozen. I can’t work up a sweat because of winter.


Not me haha. I’ve only seen snow like two times in my life! It’s summer here and I’m in my element. I enjoy summer!


I like winter but I don’t like the shorter days and frozen streets.
I hate driving in the snow!

I also can do without the shoveling.


There is something about the bleak landscape of Oklahoma winters that I like. It’s often cloudy and dark. The trees are bare. They look like a wraith-like hand reaching up out of the ground towards the sky. I have to like it because I’d get depressed if I didn’t. I can put the bleak scenery in the back of my mind and think about things that appeal to me. When I was in the army in Germany I learned that I also like a landscape with snow on it all winter. The snow is comforting. It makes the scenery better.

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I like winter over summer, but prefer winter in a place that gets regular snow and knows how to deal with it.

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I like winter. The cold weather feels good to me. I️ don’t like a lot of snow just a little.

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It has its charm and there are different types of winter.

Winter in Sweden is different than winter in Australia.

I used to live in the Gold Coast where you can take a dip all year round.

You do not experience the change of season as dramatic as in Sweden.

You see the bulbs of leaves on trees blossoming and autumn usually smells greAt with all the colour fiul leaves.

I can love the snow and some cold but I love a warm day too.

I love where I live now.

Sometimes it is too hot for me to do things outside but I still really love it.

Saunas too.

My mum used to drive two hours to work and two hours back.
Leaving it was dark black out that early and scraping ice of windows and driving a old car with no heating.
She did well.
Was not s jolly time for either of us I think.

It is dark during the day there and people usually are happy when spring comes with some gentle light.

They have Great Lakes.

The lakes smell good.
And feel good.

I love where I live now.

Ithe winters in some places can be too dark for me for such a long period of time.

Skiing is great exercise.

People wear studs in souls of shoes to not get stuck in snow or slip on ice.

Dangerous for elderly people to walk alone out.

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I love winter cause no bugs plus cold weather plus you can see your breath outside and I love Christmas lights cause everything is so pretty! And people post pictures of snow it’s so great! :smiley:


Nope, negative, not at all…winter equals bad times in my book. I prefer the heat!

Older I get the more I hate winter, rather be complaining about the heat

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Winter feels great. It is just as sunny but usually windier and cooler here in Hawaii. Everything looks sparkly to me in the day time when I walk around outside.

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I love the daylight hours of winter. Or should I say lack of them. It helps me wind down. It’s peaceful. Quiet. And relaxing.


My favorite season is fall, but I still like winter. Snow can be so beautiful. When I wasn’t being followed I used to hike in the snow. I loved that. It was so beautiful, fresh, and crisp. Then they started following me and my hikes weren’t so fun anymore.

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I love winter as there are no mosquitos flying around. Nothing beats getting into bed and getting warm with 5 blankets. Only problem is I get chillblanes on my fingers and toes lol. Other than that winter is beautiful

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I love winter. 1819928279

Me too. It’s summer here where I am so got to wait for winter a while