Who is taking more? And for what?

Hello everyone!

So I’m taking Haloperidol 15 mg, Quetiapine 800 mg, Aripiprazole 30 mg, Lorazepam (depends)

Everything is for paranoid schizophrenia.

How much are you taking and for what?

… and I’m still psychotic… ://

I need some extra help I guess

Life is cruel sometimes…

Sometimes I’m having suicidal thoughts… overdose, cutting my wrist or both, all together

Im taking 3mg risperidone for schizophrenia that would be it.

Lucky you, I guess

That sounds like a boat load of medication… has your psychotic-ness tamped down at least from all of that?

Yes, a little bit

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i take 2 weekly shot of risperdal consta 50mg, 200mg clozapine a day, 50mg sertraline a day, 75microgram of L-thyroxine per day and lorazepam PRN.

and that is for sz… i also have autism but the meds are for the sz.

I take exactly the same amount of meds namely 500 mg Clopixol depo every 3 week. 160 geodon and 500 mg seroquel by mouth. I have been on even higher doses the past 25 years. For some reason I’m still around without TD or massive weight gain.

I think its time to ask your Dr about Clozapine if Risperdal didnt work too. I read that Risperdal is more effective than all your 3 meds. Clozapine is even more effective than Risperdal.

With Clozapine you can go up to 900mg/day. Risperdal 8mg.

If Amisulpride is available where you are its between Risperdal and Clozapine in efficacy, Clozapine being the most antipsychotic available now.

Fck me. Your on alot mate. You sure you got your doses right?

You must have the constitution of a horse.

I take 500 mg of Seroquel and 400 mg of Lamictal.

Hey, don’t be afraid to reach out for help; we all need help from time to time. There are resources pinned on this forum.

Have you tried Zyprexa Olansapine. My mother who is 75 years old just got put on 35 mg zyprexa last month. She is doing fine the only two complains she has is constipation and increased hunger.

75mg invega sustenna injection monthly for sz