Who is disappointed by meds?

oh, i am big… i put 25 kilos on zyprexa and just hope there wont be any more kilos…
i did gave up fighting at the time. i spent years looking for perfection,i become stupid… its 8 days since i came back with zyprexa, this time a bigger dose- 10 mg but it doesnt work. i am quite paranoid out there, it sucks…
i can say they work now on 10-20%. its not a big one this :confused:
i am just chatting, i still doesnt know how a sz friend of mine did felt her meds (abilify) helping her on the 2 day of taking them… she now works etc,i dont know if she is alone in life (no partner?)… and yes, i spent 6 years without struggling, just me and the weed, not good wow…grrrh…

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Sometimes you just have to give it more time. Some of these drugs take longer to take effect.

When I was 1st put on Saphris at a low dose I didn’t see any results, then the next month we increased it with some results in the mood department, then the following month increased it again. By the 4th month it worked! Saw full results!

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ok thank you skims :slight_smile: what is saphris, i checked it here in wikipedia but i think we dont have it here in bulgaria? does it look like zyprexa? or its seroquel?
yeah,once i told to my mom i expect 100 % happiness from the meds, she said this doesnt exist and its the truth i suppose… for me now its just bearable with zyprexa, i am big yes but i didnt find the perfect med never…it was worse to see the colors bright like it was for me on haldol and clopixol,it wasnt even human :confused:

I really shouldnt complain about being on Meds - I tend to do this from time to time.

The reality is that I am taking a relatively low dose of Risperdal 2.5mg and it is doing an excellent job of keeping me away from Mania and Psychosis Land.

I am even managing to lose weight and my blood glucose levels have stabilized.

Enough Said … :smile:


Disappointed (by) Side Effects … ,

Exercising Is Naught My Thing … ,

My brayne Is Far Too bored With Exercise , It’s Lyke Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah … ,

but e(Y)e Am Naught Meant To be Obese , So e(Y)e Have No Choice …,

It’s Tha Year Of 2015 WTF …

i think that there is a lot of evidence that more comprehensive psychological/social approaches can be effective. i wouldn’t exclude a potential wise use of medication as part of a more comprehensive approach - But i think that the primary focus should be on something other than labeling & drugging people.

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Yes For Tha Truth Of Tha Matter Is , (e(Y)e’ll say it since you won’t) , Tha Truth Of Tha Matter Is , Some People Want To be Heros For Tha Wrong Reasons … ,

If You Catch My Drift … ,

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my sz friends who stopped her meds thinks that john nash had his nobel prize because he wasnt on meds while his son never achieved anything because he is on meds wow :confused:

I am for meds and not disappointed. It is only the side effects that bothers me…weight gain, diabetes etc. If it wasn’t for meds I surely would not have been here today. My dx almost came as a relief to me as finally someone could have done something about my agony…meds was my saviour

i cant still say this for mine… i have not hallucinations like positives symptoms-just paranoia and suspiciousness :confused:

I had delusions and paranoia. The first day I saw my pdoc I thought that she was in on the plot against me…but she was very professional and oozed confidence in her profession so I was convinced by her explanation at the time that I suffered from delusional paranoia. Once you’re on the right med at the right dosage I’m sure your paranoia will decline if not disappear.

sorry to countertsay you but i ve tried everything on the market… i am afraid of terrible side effects but zyprexa but thanks god its second generation med,probably i wont get them :slight_smile: ive switched relatively fast on some meds and i didnt like the injections, i need something more precise than injections…

Well, you know what I’m going to say. I don’t think you gave enough time for the meds to work… I still have a little paranoia, it’s residual but it’s there. Did you get psychosis @Anna1 ?

I’m just as troubled by the side effects as you are but at 30mg of Abilify per day to keep away the paranoia I’m pleased to say that I cope fairly well. It is the max dose allowed but it works for me. On lower dosage the paranoia returns. I have also been on Risperdal and Clopixol injections in the past and I am happy to be off them.

yeah i know minnii, as i told you ive listened to my pdoc who told me not to counteract the meds with my negative thoughts. they cant work if we think that they re bad probably…ill wait and see…and as you said-every day is a recovery day probably :slight_smile:

I initially thought all meds were placebos and hated them, so I think they work either way. Your negative thinking doesn’t help you at all, that’s the truth, your pdoc is right.

i suffered too much. it is completely non sense in my head. i try to stay positive but we had a very bad family history… my father was really bad violent… i try to remain human but its tough. i still dont realise that my sz friend suffered also, that you dont get schizophrenia like this :/… but she hadnt the violence like me and its less tough for her… for me its a complete lack of life,social and professionnal. do you imagine -living like recluse for 13 years? yeah…

pfff,i feel guilt yes… i hated my father all my life and he died mentally ill… i was a monster i think, i am paranoid because of this i think :confused:

i have no hallucinations… why do i take aps? besides that i have suspiciousness,paranoia,delusions, derealization mostly and ideas of ‘‘grandeur’’… at the other hand are the negatives things-depersonnalisation, hypoboulia(inactivity), depression and anxiety… my sz friend thinks that i should not be on meds because i dont have the voices she had… now i have a hedache because i try to think ‘‘normally’’… oh gosh, i am screwed up…
p.s. and what if the meds are working only on 20 %, isnt the price a big enough to be on them? i know,hard question :confused:

I guess I am fairly neutral about meds. In over 40 years they haven’t brought me to recovery but I do wonder how worse I would be without them.
I think if they had worked as well as they have but with the side effects some have experienced I would fall more in the anti camp.

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