Who here keeps houseplants?

I just counted up 37. Mostly a lot of phalaenopsis orchids. I also have a couple of draceanas, swiss cheese plant, and a 6 foot ficus tree among others.

I find it very soothing and theraputic to water and fertilize them. Right now I have two phals with 2 spikes on them and my four african violets are in bloom. I just wish I had more windows so I could grow more.

My favorite plant right now is my 6 foot ficus tree. I love it so much I have a grow light spotlight on it to make sure it gets plenty of light. When I move I honestly don’t know how I will move this monster. Probably in a moving truck it is so tall.

What kinds of plants do you grow? What is your favorite? Are you still adding to your collection or are you full up?


We don’t have plants inside the house but we do have a garden. It’s nice to look at but I hate hosing (watering) the lawn, so I don’t do it and leave it to my father.

With me…even a cactus gets ill and dies. :unamused:

I have a Yukka plant. My husband and I brought it from Ikea after dating for six months and it was six inches tall. Nine years later it is like a Palm tree and sits opposite the telly in our lounge…

You need a pothos. They droop when thirsty and perk right back up to let you know they are happy.

Mouse I would love to see your plant. Sounds magnificent.

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I just google it.
Houseplant for a people who kill houseplants. Lol :joy:

Here ya go @Sarad , perfect! :smile:

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I bought an indoor ivy plant and it’s dead now.

i did have a triffid…but it ate everything !?!..lol :smiley:
take care :alien:

I have three small houseplants, including my favourite, a small ficus tree with pretty cream and green leaves. I don’t know what the other two are but they are surviving. The plants I had outside died long ago, but I am planning to plant two geraniums outside soon. I don’t have a proper garden, just a paved yard, so all my plants are in pots. I’m a very lazy gardener, but when I get down to it, it is nice and relaxing.