Who here just beathes?

I was reading comments on a website once, and one man had concern for his son who had had an episode of schizophrenia and then been treated with antipsychotics. He said my son doesn’t do anything anymore and just breathes, that’s his life. So who here just breathes watching life pass them by? I have to say i’m that way. Try to pick myself up, know what I could do to improve my life (the end result being getting off these drugs) but can’t because of some type of mental block. I just breathe and that’s it, what can you do?

Well for whatever it’s worth, based on my observations, “normal” life is not all that magical, either. Most people get up tired, go to a job they don’t like and spend the majority of their day in a combination of stressed out and bored, then come home and eat a crappy dinner, watch a stupid show and go to bed.

If you are ever able to exceed that level of fulfillment, you have outdone probably over half the country.


When I was on the Haldol shot I laid in bed 15-20 hours a day daydreaming about easy ways to commit suicide. I was totally demoralized. Now that I am on Geodon and Seroquel life is much better. I’m working on my writing, and I am much more active in other ways. If your drugs are affecting you like that ask the doctor to try something else. With the choice of drugs we have today you ought to be able to find something that works and doesn’t demoralize you.

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Life seems to be slipping away from me.

The Negatives and depression are awful.

im about in the same boat as wave.

hoping it switches soon

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I know what you mean.
I have a federal (from the military) diagnosis of schizophrenia (paranoid). I received this diagnosis in 1982 (I was 17 at the time), and experienced pre-deinstitutionalization asylums. I have been in about 30 psychiatric hospitals, have taken almost every anti-psychotic ever made (Thorazine was my first). I will be 52 in about 2 weeks, and, believe it or not, I consider myself to be the luckiest man alive.
I still take many meds (Seroquel 400 mgs is one), and many times life is very difficult, but I keep going.
Maybe I’m a fool.


I felt precisely that way on saphris.

I do know what you mean @seriouslydisturbed about feeling like all you achieve each day is merely breathing. I don’t have any helpful advice but just wanted to offer that you’re not alone.

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I felt that way when I was young. I’m 57, and I don’t have that feeling now, thank goodness.

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I feel that way too. Life just passes me by.