Who here is on meds and likes it? And if there was a miracle cure pill, would you take it?

I am on meds and despite the side effects, mainly restless leg and sedation, I think meds saved my life and I like the medicated lifestyle. I function very highly and come off as normal and have some pretty awesome things going on in my life with school and friends and family and powerlifting/bodybuilding. I plan on getting a Psy D one day, I am halfway through undergrad with a few B’s and the rest A’s in my college career so far, in the honors program on a full scholarship I earned from my performace in high school and my ACT and SAT scores. I was mentally healthy when I took the ACT and SAT. I took the ACT three times.

I used to be pretty messed up. I functioned, but those B’s on my record I mentioned are from before I got on meds and I had drinking buddies and one friend when I was not on meds. The friend stuck, the drinking buddies vanished. I drank like a fish, engaged in self harm, had a suicide attempt under my belt, spent a night at a crisis assessment center after being surrounded by seven cops, it was not a good time, despite the fact that I was doing well in school and was in shape.

Who here has had a big 180 degree turn around in life after taking medications and still takes them? And if there was a miracle drug for schizophrenia, would you take it? I would. I sleep too much and drink too much coffee and blame schizophrenia for smoking cigarettes (I’ve read studies reporting 90% of schizophrenics being regular smokers, smoking goes hand in hand with schizophrenia, I started when I began having symptoms and haven’t stopped)

If there was a magical cure pill I would take it. I would say good bye to all my symptoms for good. I’d learn how the rest of the population lives. And let’s say the magical cure pill doesn’t have any side effects.


Yeah by miracle pill I meant no side effects, zero symptoms, ect. Just back to normal 100%.

I would take it eventually. I am doing well enough that I can afford to wait and see how others benefit from the treatment before I step forward. And I mean wait for at least ten years. If the miracle cure has a nasty surprise hidden somewhere, odds are it will show up in that time frame.


I mean a perfect miracle pill with no strings attached. Like take once at bedtime and bye bye all traces of schizophrenia and no side effects at all. Not like a pill that causes cancer in a decade or backfires and makes you worse in some cases- “miracle pill”, bro

I’ve had the complete turn around with medicine. I would take the cure.

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I used to believe in miracles, but then I became med compliant. Life is better without miracles, believe me. :stuck_out_tongue:



I would take a miracle pill, especially as I still have symptoms even with meds.

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I see meds as a necessary evil. Do I like being on hem? No. Will I stay on them? Yes. My recovery on meds has been gradual, through many years. Meds controlled my symptoms for decades but it wasn’t until I was in my mid- forties that some of my more troubling symptoms went away. I did have a relapse during 1988-90. But I pulled out of it once I got clean and sober.


I’ve always resented the med’s, though I know I have to take them. Sometimes I feel that the med’s were given to me as punishment and not therapy. The med’s take away large amounts of physical strength from me. Before I took the med’s I could do 2,000 repetitions on the jump rope and never miss. Now it’s hard to do 200. I can’t get off the med’s now because I have become dependent on them. If you take a drug that suppresses dopamine in one area of the brain, the brain will flood that area with dopamine when you get off them. You get a rebound effect. When I am not on the med’s I can walk all day in 100 degree weather, When I am on them 3 miles in 95 degree weather nearly kills me. I hate the med’s.

Like it? No I don’t like even taking the 2 pills a day I take even with the zero side effects. But this harkens back to my childhood days of being poked fun of at home and at school every time it was time to take my Ritalin. I swear they were putting kids on that stuff left and right merely for being a little different back then…

Miracle pill? I don’t think I even want to be cured, I’d rather be recovered.

If I had a choice, I would choose no meds, there are way too many harsh side effects with these meds. But since I have no real choice here, I am sticking with meds. Yes I would take that miracle cure but with a lot of caution - I am always on the lookout for side effects and negative consequences


i am not actually diagnosed with schizophrenia but if there was a pill that could take the voices away, i would take it. that is really my only “symptom”.

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I do take my meds… straight and narrow compliance. (finally) I wouldn’t say I LIKE it.

But I like being lucid and having my memory improve. I like being able to pull out of a nose dive faster and have a bad day just be a day and not become a bad week.

I was really amazed when I woke up on the 5th and didn’t feel completely out of my head and scrambled. It’s the first time ever that anyone can remember me NOT having a full episode on the 4th.

As far as a miracle pill… It’s a nice idea. But I’m just too much of a skeptic to do it. To be Sz today and completely cured tomorrow… that would most likely send me into a deep state of confusion. I’d have to adjust all over again.

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I wouldn’t take the miracle pill because I wouldn’t believe it. You could talk to me about it till you turned blue. But unless three years of people have taken it and are ok after two more years and my doctor backs up their experience as legitimate, no way.

I know that is odd especially as lots of our drugs aren’t that old. But I think that one of the things that helps me function (and take my about 8 pills every day. Four for sza, four supplements. One supplement is cranberry though. I need those or I get UTIs) is that I don’t ever even think about letting myself believe in miracle pills. You start believing stuff like that… you can get real sick real fast.

Before I was on meds I used to believe I was whatever character I saw in a movie, I remember in high school I even would sign my movie character names to my papers. I went form an A/B student to a D/F student. I used to think the photos on my wall were talking to me, actually talking. I’d have conversations with the celebrities. I’d pretend I knew them by writing there names in places like I was collecting autographs. (I had no real idea what their autographs looked like I just doodled their names).

At one point I thought I had been molested by a fictional character. He wasn’t even real. Some guys dad I, the kid I was talking about I barely knew, I don’t even remember his name now. I was certain of the events. I had test done to see if I had been in that delicate situation or not. I had not. Like I said the man I was talking about didn’t even exists. It wasn’t even the kid I was thinking of real last name.

Then one night I went for a walk. I believed I was running away though I can’t remember what the reasoning. I was going to another state to live with my cousins…I was traveling by foot mind you, in the dead of night alone and unarmed. It could have gone badly.

I was found downtown, I don’t know how I’d gotten there. Maybe I had turned around? Maybe I had hallucinated the corn fields around me. I don’t know. Someone my dad knew picked me up and recognized me, he took me home. I was hospitalized for 6 months and on various drugs. Eventually got me back to understanding what was real and what wasn’t. I think a large part in that was because of the medication I was on. I was finally becoming lucid again

I have been on meds ever since. And I’ve only had one relapse with my illness brought on because of an overly stressful job situation. My mind basically cracked and I had to quit to take time and mend myself. I’m on a higher amount of drugs, and on two other drugs besides my normal Seroquel. But I’d be even worse of if I wasn’t on what I was on. I’d still be hallucinating more vividly and having more anxiety attacks. Yes I still have both to a degree, but that is just part of having schizophrenia and I’ve come to live with that. I do know that if I weren’t on drugs I’d be more like I was before the hospital stay than after.

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I am on prolixin, and I think it “is” the miracle pill…no side effects whatsoever and I have been on it now going on 6 years…I know I will always have to take meds, and I am grateful to God that there is medications that will heal us…


i believe in miracles and i think it was a miracle that my medication was so effective bc its stopped most of my symptoms and made me almost back to normal maybe not 100% but its close, you have to remember that even tho you could be cured to an extent there is still a huge amount of recovery to be done after that to get you on your game,

its like training and once the meds are working well you can start to concentrate on other things like a social life and education or even living independently as these are all things that i have managed to achieve since taking this med and i am still doing it, testing my limits and trying to expand my comfort zones, relax more as i am still a bit tense and anxious, exercise classes for weight gain and confidence building etc,

once you are on a really good med you can start to see the difference, my emotions got stronger as i suffered a lot from flat effect and i was smiling more then joking, you probably think this is impossible but you know what- i strive for the impossible and reach out for new heights of recovery, everything i do is basically sticking two fingers up at my mental illness.

take care

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I’m on Geodon twice with meals and I like being stable. My symptoms of command hallucinations that instructed to kill myself and family, suicidal thoughts, and delusions where I believed that I was going to be killed by my family members were eliminated completely. But sometimes I have paranoia. I wouldn’t take a miracle pill, because Schizophrenia makes me unique.

I don’t like paranoia. It has gotten worse since dabbling with spice and weed. I shouldn’t smoke weed. I double dosed Abilify just to get back to normal from smoking it. It is a miracle pill for me assuming I have schizoaffective or schizophrenia.

As far as being unique. I have begun to see those as individual characteristics of my personality not related to schizophrenia. I believe it’s better to observe that people are unique. My brother is a lot like me in his eccentricities, but does not yet have or show signs of schizophrenia. He is a lot similar to me. But he doesn’t carry the burden. I pray so much that he never gets ill.

I prefer not thinking my eccentricities or liberal mindset has anything to do with schizophrenia because it doesn’t. I just happened to have something wrong in my chemical makeup to cause me to deal with delusions.

I don’t know very well what psychosis looks like. I have a friend who has schizoaffective, and his illness looks a lot different than mine. He isn’t open much about it, and he shuts people out from his feelings.

If I was completely honest, at my worst I have struggled with delusions and other times hallucinations. Visual hallucinations are the rarest for me. I’ve struggled since I was seventeen and relapsed with auditory hallucinations. Schizophrenia has interrupted my education and future. I had to repeat the ninth grade and then I dropped out of HS in the 10th grade, relapsed, then after I got out of the hospital I took my GED and tried college but it was too stressful the first year. I had a lot of anxiety to work through about my relapse.

IDK if weed has helped over time, but something has helped a lot with being social and self awareness. Maybe just my effort to understand the world. I have more insight now.