Who here has been to Scotland?

I was born in England but have lived all my life in Scotland. Is a beautiful country and the people are great.

Anyone been to Scotland?


I’ve been Scotland on own on coach trip
Loch Lomond
Glasgow and Edinburg

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I live here too Jimbob, the land of drizzle!

I live 20mins from Loch Lomond. The highlands have the most natural beauty but I like the cities!

Totally @dudius - been a pretty dismal summer. I prefer the winters

I’ve been to Aberdeen(my mum was born there) ,Banffshire(Whitehills) and Morayshire. That’s where my mum’s maternal ancestors came from. Most of the men worked on the fishing trawlers.

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Been to Aberdeen once. Grew up in South East Scotland in a fishing town. Scottish seafood is highly sort after in France - the cooler waters must make good eating.

Scottish seafood is good.

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my homeland, we are all warriors, (even those not born here) lol

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Scottish humour is the best: chewing the fat, bernistoun, the big yin.

But the accent can be hard for foreigners to understand. Hell I have had folk from London who can’t understand what I say. Apparently Rab C Nesbitt had subtitles down south!

Still Game was the dogs danglies!

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Wanted to go to the recent still game stage show but it sold out quick.

Never been but hopefully one day,being from alaska I do love seafood

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What kinda seafood you guy’s eating over there?

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I think I saw a show about those crazy crabs you get in Alaskan waters. It was like really dangerous for the crews of fishermen who caught them with terrible storms etc. am I thinking of the right thing?

Crab, lobster, winkles and haddock/herring/mackerel.

I love herring ,here we call them hooligans, and yeah It can be risky going out for crabs, I’ve seen some crab fishèrman buy half million dollar houses after one season.

We also have clams,cockles,and abaloney

Don’t t get me started on the fish!!

we are moving to scotland…sometime :sunny:
probably cairngorns :sunrise_over_mountains: …definitely highlands !?!
can’t wait…mrs. sith and my ancestors come from scotland…explains alot !?! :grin:
take care :alien:


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