Who has an uncanny rhyming ability?

I can rhyme on the spot really well. It’s like a disease.

Last night my friend said “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” whilst smoking and I said “a cigarette a day keeps the doctor well-paid”

I don’t but I think that would be awesome to have

Its funny
Theres a dude on this forum who thinks he’s a f*****n bunny…
Asked him “wheres the fur”
pointed to his skin but ■■■■ it wasn’t therr

I can rhyme on the spot but not at all times. Kind of just pops up and i say it


I have gone through periods where my brain has to rhyme…

My doc said it was part of this brain game…

Look up “Clang Associations”… (part of the word salad)

I had to work to get out of it.

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Yeah I got into trouble by rhyming too much. It was when I got my diagnosis. It’s part of the disease apparently.

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I’m followed by a bunny if that counts. He told me to shout at people for my lack of clout. I told him to screw off then i felt blue since the news computed my next day to be off.

I write little raps and in the shower my head cant stop rhyming its kind of an addicted curse with ill timing. Also i just had surgery yesterday so I still feel a little loopy so my head is doing rhymes like a jubilee.
And rhyming is technically a form of disorganized speech which makes me wonder about rappers and poets.

I write self confessed style hiphop sometimes, so yeah, I guess I can :smile:

Hey, fishserver, I don’t know you well but it seems like you were gone a long time and you just came back.

I’ve been here at times. Must be you didn’t see my entries. I remember you too. I have seen your entries many times.

why don’t we put it to use, use our ability to rhyme to create something post by post in here. A song, a story, a poem etc?

Travel through the expanding universe with dreams
So we can create planets and scatter matter appropriately
Embark on this space odyssey make meteors collide with gravity trash Apollo 13
Follow saturn’s rings to sling shot us to the unimaginable hysterical laughable
And stare into the bare depths of space, chasing a supernovas breath form new life from others deaths

Test cosmic strings morphing correlated harmonies
Stealing neutron stars on intergalactic robbing sprees
My cosmology begins and ends with me
Everyones reality is a perception to some degree
See the heavens on the edge of time
Then trim the milky ways hedges and spirals to my design
Put ur mind in the center of binary stars
Master of the universe throwing dark matter rocket darts
Cosmic explorer with glacial facial expressions
Directing the attention of other dimensional love extensions
My mind is outta time visiting Tralfamadore
Balance spacial divides in one hand my shoulder’s sore
Crack the boundaries between imagination and reality
Put the peace back in Alderaan’s pieces
Ingenious like ronald regeans death star
Make Jetson Foodinis for the world or by 2050 many will starve
Harvest knowledge of gods where funky robots dwell
Oddly enough we r star stuff under a funny spell

Its incomplete but I like outer space as u can tell and writing poetry for fun. Its really healing and a healthy outlet for me. Just wanted to share thanks

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im a cool cat, i ride a bicycle would ya look at that
big as a ball with my furcoat yeah furball
riding 2 wheels quick as hell as a dogs on my heels


Reading a lot of my old psychotic writings, there was a lot of random rhyming going on. Weird.

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Little something I wrote about a suicide attempt

It’s fictitious, the dream that I seem to live-with
Like I’m trapped with the scenes on repeat I’ve witnessed
Can’t give-this, thought, caught deep and wish-that
I could cut through the pain, and bleed me wrist-less
I crawl upon falling, and stall with interest
In life, my heart cries and near dies in five minutes
A cynic without limits, but through basic instinct
I try to turn back, but I’ve burned my bridges

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SZ hip hop group anyone??

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I’m down, I find expressing it via rhythm much easier

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