Who else sleeps on the floor

I have been sleeping on the floor for many years. Every evening I set my mattress on the floor and then put my pillow and sheets on it when I am prepared to sleep. Then in the morning I take sheets and my pillow and place these in one place and then place my mattress next to the wall. It is my routine and I typically sleep quite well. What about you?

I use to sleep on a mattress on the floor, and every night i would drag out the mattress from the spare bed room to the living room and lay it on the floor. Eventually I started leaving it in a bedroom across the hall from the spare room. Figured i didn’t need television anyway.

I start off in a bed, but due to my sleep walking I’ve woken up on the floor in a different part of the house many times.

I have a pillow and a blanket. So I have no idea if I take these with me when I sleep walk or if my sis will tuck me in where I lay.

I slept on the bare floor for a year once. I had moved into an apt on the fourth floor with no elevator. Didn’t feel like lugging a bed up the stairs.

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i used to sleep on the floor when i was a kid, then stopped when i was about 10 or 11. it started again when i was 22. i couldn’t sleep in the bedroom or in that bed. it carried on till i was about 36. i also had to sleep fully clothed, with boots or trainers on. i was that paranoid about being attacked. i also sleep walk but always come back to my bed. i do nonsensical things and the other night i put a white school shirt in the tumble dryer as i’s forgotten to do it whilst awake. so it’s generally stuff that’s been on my mind during the day i guess. i think it’s the medication that causes it tbh.

I sleep in a bed. but when i was a kid the whole family used to sleep on the flood. we had matresses filled with cotton wich could be folded or rolled. every night we unrolled them and every morning we rolled them and put them away and stacked them on top of eacht other in the corner of the room. (some cultural adventure for ya). I really believe that sleeping on the floor. and really on the floor (groundfloor, no basement beneath) may have health benefits. but I live in the secend floor so the extra 30 cm of the bed wont change anything

I slept on the floor for a long time. I felt too comfortable in a bed and therefore off my guard. I also slept in my clothes. I abandoned those practices when I went off to college - bought me a flannel nightgown, etc.

There was a period when I was very ill, I slept on the couch fully clothed with shoes on, this happened for many weeks

I slept for a couple weeks in an apartment at a friends house on a mattress on the floor when I was staying away my house.
For quite a few years I slept fully clothed and in my boots, usually because I was to lazy to change, and then because I found myself sleepwalking? Outdoors and ended up in some odd spots, but at least fully clothed!

Sometimes I sleep on an air mattress on the floor, it’s comfortable. I think the most comfortable thing to sleep on is a couch but the dogs have taken it over.

Just when i’m very depressed. I’ll sleep on the floor or in the closet.

Air mattress with a terry cloth towel.

I sleep on my sofa most nights. I don’t know why or how it started but that’s how it is. I fall asleep to reruns of old television shows.

I sleepwalked a couple of years ago. I had locked myself out of my apartment in the middle of night and I had only my jeans on. One person had to come and open my door. Have not done so after this.

My friends sleep on the air mattress on my floor when they spend the night. I sleep in a small bed, it fits me cuz Im 5’7 (short) and I think it’s a kids size bed because i just fit. I am surprised at how many of you talk about sleepwalking, I havent come across that in all of my reading about schizophrenia, but apparently it’s a thing!

I slept in a sleeping bag on the floor from 5th to 7th grade. So did my sisters because my parents couldn’t afford beds. They couldn’t afford THREE beds and they couldn’t just buy a bed for one of us while the other two slept on the floor.’ Actually when I was 19 and lived in a world-famous group home, I slept on a mattress on the floor for about a year. They never got me a bed.

I was a sleepwalker long before my SZ was officially diagnosed. My parents would find me outside at night a lot. I would hardly ever wake up where I went to bed.

I know I would walk around while blacked out from whiskey. It might not be an SZ symptom alone.
It might be co-morbid side effect. SZ alone… not so much,
SZ mixed with drugs and whiskey? Bingo.

That’s just me.

I do that. If something is really bothering me, I’ll end up trying to do it when I’m asleep. The most infamous one my sister tells is I was really craving a candy bar. I guess I got out of bed, walked right past her, out of the house into the rain in my jammies. She followed me to the corner shop where I sort of walked in, grabbed a huge hand full of my favorite candy bar and just walked out and walked home. She paid for the candy.

I woke up the next morning in soaking wet jammies, and bed, and wet hair and my favorite candy all of the kitchen and in my bed. My sis has put extra locks and an a small night alarm on the door.

I have a method that I use. When I leave my apartment I activate it to see, if anybody has visited me, and then when I start sleeping, I activate it to see, if I have sleepwalked. I am a kind of surprised that so many szs have experienced this sleepwalking.

When I lived in my auto in America from 2000 to 2002, I once parked my auto in one parking place in Miami Beach and started sleeping, but in the next morning I found myself in another parking place. I had possibly drived my auto while I slept. There are some other stories too.

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