Who else is constantly scared?

Everything has significance.


I am always fearful of something.
Fear,paranoia,and constant anxiety.

I can be looking out my window and be frightened of the leaves blowing in the breeze.
I frequently get a creepy - eerie like feeling from what I experience from life.
Everyday is like Halloween :jack_o_lantern:


I hear that buddy.


My main problem is worrying about the future, it borders on being scared sometimes. But generally speaking I’m no longer scared all the time.


I worry about lot about things and my list of phobias is a mile long.

Obscure things like

thunderstorms and
snakes and
throwing up and
terminal illness like cancer and
dentists and
doctors and

to more ordinary things like

making phone calls and
driving and
handling raw meat or chicken and
I’m even scared of young children too as they are prone to having germs and so on.

So my life is pretty much in bubble wrap and sometimes hubby doesn’t know what to do with me! I’m not scared if I’m not threatened with situations like the above but I’m pretty much a scaredy cat in life!


I have MDD and GAD and due to my tendency towards catastrophic thinking, I am often very anxious. I can literally have a panic attack that goes on for days. I have often identified with the Cowardly Lion on the Wizard of Oz :frowning:


I also have catastrophic thinking. I’m trying to change it with cognitive behavioral therapy. Mindfulness and grounding myself to my environment has helped to an extent.


I’m scared sometimes something bad may happen but if I can’t prevent it what can you do. I just try to stay safe. I have good people around me.

Fireworks going off and people that have cackly laughs!

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"Who else is constantly scared?"
i’m not constantly scared, but sometimes my paranoia acts up and makes me extremely withdrawn and scared.

Other than the telephone calls, I’ve stopped being scared of everything, guess that one of the perks of reaching ‘old fart’ status.

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Yes I always am scared.



Yeah, my nerves are shot. I realized I’m always sensing danger in normal situations. Anything will make me nervous, especially people. It acts together with my paranoia.


I’m always scared that the worst possible situation will happen.

Yea I’m scared of a lot of stuff.
I get myself angry depressed or manic
It’s no fun

the paranoia does sometimes take over my life. I get scared of little things and big things. little fear item: losing my ear phones without them I can’t block the voices. big item: partner getting hurt or dying

I am scared of some of the same stuff you are.

That’s what happened I took my music with me on my bike ride but did not use it started off leisurely at 5.7 mph by the time I got home I was doing 9.7 mph Thank-you for the clue

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I have a near constant feeling like I have just been startled badly.

Worried I’ll burn out my adrenals.

Me. Constantly. For years.

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