Who do you rely on during a crisis?

I’m doing okay right now but to be honest i think my family gets sick of me during my hard times. I feel kind of like i have no one that really i can rely on if i get sick again… I’m not even that difficult as a psychotic person on a normal basis. I mainly just want to not go anywhere. And i of course don’t make sense when with my thoughts and beliefs. But i’m not dangerous or anything like that. But i really feel like i have no one to help me if i get sick. My family will be there if i need them but do they want to really help. I feel pretty certain that they don’t. I feel like i almost should get a social worker or something so i have someone i can rely on or that i know. The thing is i have a tendency not to trust people when sick so i don’t know if that will work.

Well I’m sorry you feel this way. I have a truly supportive family, so I don’t really know what it’d feel like to not have one, but I can imagine it’d be terrible. I hope you at least can find some good support here.


Thank you but the support on here is not good enough for me if i have a crisis. I need something more to rely on. I have no real good friends or anyone.

Question do the moderators not moderate on this new forum. I was just wondering.

That’s just so sad. Well, I’ll try to be here for ya.

Um, I haven’t noticed any moderation on this forum.

I live with a kid sister who will talk me down and keep me safe. I have a supportive family just 15 minutes away.

But if you feel you need more help, a help line, or a social worker might be a good thing for you. You might want to keep the family in the loop at least so they know who else is helping you out during a crisis.

Thank you both. :slight_smile: my family cares about me. I’m sure they would be there for me i just feel kind of like i’m a bother to them by being ill when i’m sick. Maybe i will get a social worker or at least talk to my doctor about what he thinks i should do.

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You might want to think about creating a WRAP plan. WRAP is an acronym for Wellness Recovery Action Plan. It is a type of emergency plan for people with mental illnesses.

In the WRAP plan you have to write down the names of the family members you want help from in a crisis. You have to write down what they should and should not do when you are not well. You also have to write down in your WRAP plan the names of family members you do not want help from, because they could end up hindering your recovery process.

Some mental health agencies, like NAMI i believe, teach WRAP classes, or you can buy the book from the WRAP site.


It is something you should review with your family, so they know what to do when you are not well.


Thanks so much. I will look into that!!

It’s been such a long time since i had an acute crisis . Chronic anxiety/paranoia is the norm now and lack of drive/motivation. Don’t discuss much with family but if things go a bit pear shaped -then brother or youngest step daughter .

My family is there for me. I have two friends who I talk to and they tell me to make contact with my pdoc when I need but don’t realize it myself. I’ve decided to trust my friends.

At home I try to be normal as much as I can. I don’t want my kids to remember me being unreliable and nuts when they grow up. They know I have meds, and that I need them to be me. I’ve told my kids that when I get annoyed about nothing they have to tell dad, who tells me to call pdoc.

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Hi runnergirl. Has your family said or done anything to make you think that they will not be there for you? It sounds like they are there but that you don’t trust that they will continue to be there. If they have been there in the past, try trusting that they will continue to be there for you.

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Yes Barbie. It’s just my two siblings live 1.5 hours away. They have children, careers, husbands and they both are the center of their family. . it’s not like we are sisterly best friends or anything, we talk and everything and get along though. I know my last episode my sister actually told me that she’d rather i go to my other sibling. But the other sibling I don’t get along with that well with anyways. so it’s just hard to rely on them that’s all.

I don’t have any family support either. My family has made it very clear–through past crises–that they’re not going to be there when I fall.

I have 2 friends that I turn to for support. They do a pretty good job of keeping me safe and healthy. But sometimes, the crisis is too intense, even for them.

So I’ve decided to go back to therapy for support. After all, that’s what therapists are for.

I’m setting this all up right now, while I’m feeling good, so that I’ll have a trusting relationship with the therapist when I’m in crisis. I too have trouble trusting professionals when I’m ill. So maybe you could do the same thing.

Everyone needs support when they’re sick; either mentally or physically. So we have to find that support from somewhere.

I hope you reach out and find it :slight_smile:



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I’ve only really one person that I can rely on during a crisis. My brother, who’s also my best friend.
But he lives in another country. My friends are aware of my mental health problems, but again live far away.
I feel like I already burden my parents with enough of my problems.
I’m going to ask pdoc on Wednesday if I can talk to a therapist. I think it’d be really beneficial.

Thanks Anthony. I really don’t like therapists is the only thing and i really don’t trust them when i’m sick. I don’t think that will work to much. I actually though talked to both my siblings today. They both called me. :slight_smile: and they both seemed receptive to the idea of a wellness plan that Tanaka suggested. I think maybe i was being too negative last night when i wrote that. :slight_smile: I was down in the dumps at the time. I think helping people when sick is hard on any busy person, be it physical or mental health problems and i’m just sensitive to it. So i am feeling better and i think i will look into a wellness plan. thank you everyone for commenting!