Who am I kidding? I'm most likely not going anywhere today

When I have a day off from work I always start my day feeling so ambitious, have so many things I plan to get done, but then I do few if any of them. Almost every time.

I had four tasks planned for today, but now I’ve been up for nearly six hours and I haven’t done any of them. I just rarely feel like driving anywhere on my days off. Maybe it’s because I drive so far to campus, get sick of driving. Three of those four tasks required me to drive to a different part of the city, and into the suburbs.

Oh well, maybe I can do a couple things around the apartment before the day is over. I have dishes to wash, and maybe I could take my kitchen trash out to the dumpster and bag up more trash from around the apartment. At least then I’ll feel like I accomplished something.

Summary: I don’t do ■■■■ on my days off lol.


I’ve talked myself out of going anywhere today, too.

We’re out of coffee and need some before tomorrow morning, but I’m just too lazy to make it to the store right now.

Probs going to take a nap.

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I’m brewing a cup of coffee right now. :slightly_smiling_face:

A nap sounds nice, though.

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I know how you feel. When i get home from work i have 0 motivation, drive or interest to do anything. I never actually plan anything though because i feel i’m not going to commit to it anyway. It bums me out. I feel so disabled. All i end up doing is lying around. I think i’ll join you in a nice cup of coffee though.

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