Which way does it go?

If a person had carved something like this into the skin of their own ankle, with a fine exacto knife…

would this be considered self-expression or self-harm?

I think self harm. If it were a commonly used form of marking, like a tattoo or possibly even a branding, then it would be more self-expression.

Nice logo.

Good question… Since the symbol can represent a lot of things with respect to yin and yang and well I’m not sure what the rotating part means but perhaps cycles or continuity. Actually I like it.

I’m not sure that the fact that is was done without the help of a professional would be too alarming. I have not seen self-harm take on the form of artwork.

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I was told that the outside fins represent the J pod of Orcas that live in the Sound.

The dorsal fin matches the carving.

I have to admit, I do like our J pod. But they sure make surfing interesting.


When I saw the oriental nature of the logo I assumed that the outside fins were representing a shuriken.

Now that I looked that up… the resemblance is striking. This person who carved it in to their own ankle says it’s for the dorsal fins of the J pod. It gives a nod to the Japanese side of the family tree and the ocean side of their nature.

But I’m wondering if someone is carving into their own skin artistically… as way to hide some sneaky brained thinking.

I’m glad it wasn’t you, I wasn’t sure at first.


No, It wasn’t me. Thank you for the concerned shout out, but no.

I have a fear of needles and scalpels. I’ve never been able to take shots or anything like that with out freaking out. No, this person is not afraid of the sight of blood or scalpels or needles or anything like that.

i think that is fine, it is when they carve ’ SATANIST ’ in their fore head you really have to worry…!
take care


If the results were as intended, and you are happy then I call it artistic.
There are many people in other countries that do this as part of their culture.

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Thank you for that. But it wasn’t me.

This is a person I live with who has been “artistically” carving into themselves.
There’s two other designs I’ve seen since yesterday, that are also still healing. Wetsuits don’t cover everything.

Very artistic, but still… knife in skin. :frowning:

That’s kind of why I think it was self harm. If someone wanted something permanent, there are other, better, ways of doing it. One would need to carve quite deeply to keep scars that would last any length of time or keep any sort of detail. Such severe cuts would definitely be self harm.

If someone wanted something temporary, again there are better ways of doing it. If it’s just a temporary thing, why carve at all? I really think this is a case of someone wanting to cut and looking for an excuse.

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Thank you a lot for that.

That’s how I’m thinking too. I don’t think they want to cut due to boredom or being to young for a tattoo, this person has been told by fancy brained PH’d pros that expressing any emotion at all will send me to hospital forever and ever… Expressed emotion. That helpful ph’d in SZ has done more damage then he could possibly imagine.

so this person doesn’t really express much at times. This person keeps themselves in check hard core. But now it’s been building up to a point where I think I’m seeing the danger signs.

Again, I could be paranoid. I’ve been told I’m being paranoid. I hate doubting myself on stuff like this. But I could be on to something.

So I’m seeing this as a way for this person to get that pain out and yet not raise any bells.

Most self harm is not in the form of yin/yang and Om. and pretty waves.

I think it’s sneaky brained thinking…

You have to ask yourself how much damage is being done.
Could there be some permanent damage?
Self harm if not destructive in the sense it could be fatal or destroy muscle,can be the only outlet for some, and when you take away that last outlet, then your going to see worse.
If it is only the surface tissue, and not into muscle, and well thought out, then what is the harm besides others disapproval?

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