Tattoos over scars

So when I finally stop self harming I want to do something to mark this and I was wondering about a tattoo maybe schizophrenia related. Any ideas on good quotes or symbols I could use or anyone have any experience of this? Thanks for your help xxx

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Not related to self-harm, but when I was 19 I had major surgery on my right elbow. After it healed and the scar tissue was in place, I designed a tattoo of a grim reaper pulling his robe open to expose his pink-colored body (which was the straight scar tissue). That was the most painful tattoo I ever got, as my elbow had severe nerve damage and a torn ligament. If you’re interested, I can take a picture of it. :smile:

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Could you that would be great to see, I looked at a lot of examples online but they all seemed very generic and I’d really love something linked to my actual condition

Here you go. I had my wife snap the pics because I’m not left-handed, and taking a picture of your own elbow is tricky.


I’m gonna get this on collarbone

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I read about it a few days ago

They all look so cool xx the main reason is from hallucinations as well as my depression causing poor self worth and self image (or
That’s what doctors say anyway) it’s just something I’ve done for ages really even when I was young I showed self harm behaviour. Was thinking something linking with schizophrenia would be cool though, like an awareness thing

@SurprisedJ did this…i think it helped him heal :sunflower: …:city_sunset:
take care :alien: :

A few I’ve been thinking of:
A paper clip where the pin is a straight line scar
A plaster stencil
"Perfectly flawed" written on my wrist
Any whinnie the pooh quote
" Perhaps" with the little flower from Horton hears a who

What do you think? They’re a little cliche I know but cute! Don’t know any schizophrenia ones though


what about a tatooed straight line/opening… then birds flying out of it…and the word ’ free '.
really cool… :snowman:
take care :alien:


dark sith is mentally ill…do not listen to him.
he is a :chestnut: nut !?!
thank you… :heart:


I have some burn scars on my arm and some scars on my knuckled and fingers from punching inanimate objects. I can’t get hand tattoos because I want to become a psychologist and tattoos (visible ones) on psychologists are not really okay.

I would like a tattoo or a few maybe on my shoulders or chest and back. Thinking some Kanji characters (Chinese calligraphy) on my chest and back. Also works in Japanese, I think. I have a custom track jacket with kanji down the back, maybe I will get it on my back for realsies.

I’m trying to get rid of some scars from self harm. They’re selling some good scar gel in the Dollar Tree. Maybe you could do something like a phoenix re-arising.

What about putting the scar into a heart or hearth shaped…something?
Because it would mean that you finally love and forgive yourself.

Sarad is also slightly disturbed. You shouldn’t trust her advises nor do those things at home.

When I was 14 I was in a house fire…

I have some burn scars on my side… and my shoulder and leg…

I got tattoos to cover over the scars… it did help me. Not having to see all the scars every times I looked at myself.

No Tattoos, if i did to cover scars, i be a walking artwork cover :expressionless:
If you can live with the tattoo why not? Is just picking one that will have meaning for you now and later, and you not going to wake up one day and look at it and go WTH? aside form that is a good idea.
I do have a brand mark, form a different type of relationship i really do not like but different story. I would not take me to heart well after a long day and mind spins! Derpy

In addition, I have a matching scar on the left elbow in the same location. Same nerve injury, but no torn ligament this time, thankfully. Unfortunately, the scar is literally 12 times larger because the surgeon sucked ass. Should have used staples like in the first one (which ended up as a very small scar in comparison), but he went with this single stitch loop thing, and the stitching broke, blowing my left elbow wide open in my sleep. Woke up to blood-covered sheets. Ended up with permanent damage to the whole elbow region because it blew nerve endings to pieces. What a fiasco. The worst is when it itches - when I scratch it feels like a tickle burning numbness…very hard to describe and unlike any other typical human sensation. I’d cover that with a tattoo, but no one comes within two inches of that elbow without getting a hard shove in reaction.

Just tell people you fought a bear when they ask about your scars

I’m fine when talking about scars so it doesn’t need to completely cover them it would just be nice if they looked nicer and I had something to say yeah this was me but I’m okay now

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