Which type of bathroom scale is the most precise

I have a mecanical bathroom scale at home which tells me that I weigh 176 lbs and I weighed myself with an electronic bathroom scale which belong to my friend and it tells me that I weigh 185.5 lbs. How can it be almost 10 lbs of difference? Which scale is right, which one is wrong?

I don’t suppose you’re wearing heavy boots, fully clothed for the electronic scale and naked for the mechanical scale or anything like that.

At home (176 lbs), I used to weigh myself with my clothes and nothing else that can add more weight like shoes or boots. With the electronic scale (185.5 lbs), I weighed myself with no clothes. It’s weird. I hope that my own scale is the right one.

If you have a doc appointment coming up you could see what you weigh on their scale.

My bathroom scale is off by about 10 lbs compared to the scale in my doctor’s office. Apparently I am 10 lbs lighter at home! :grin:


Scales sometimes need to be recalibrated. Is it showing 0 before you get on? Also, can you weigh something that you know the exact weight? It has to be something pretty substantial, at least 20 lbs, to be meaningful. (That is, if you weigh a 5 lb weight it probably won’t give you an idea of whether the weight is right for a 150+ lb person)

Both scales are very cheap scales which cost less than 20$. My mechanical scale cost me only 12$ I think. If you buy a cheap scale, can it give you wrong results? Does it worth to pay more money to be sure of having good results?

Both cheap and expensive scales can become uncalibrated. On the mechanical one, is there a knob on the back to adjust it?

Oh yeah, you will get different results if weighing yourself on carpet vs hard floors.

@anubis I have a Tanita Weight scale and it costs about $200 USD and displays more readouts than just weight.