Which member you expect to be high functional

Im curious to know what the people thoughts are?

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@Jonnybegood @ninjastar @velociraptor @sriharryster @anon68148378 @Azley @kevinbaretto @anon19234026 @anon9798425 etc


I’m glad I made the list. A lot of folk on here are parents though. Those are the most functioning to me.

Lol most of those names dont have a job

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Most of the member i mentioned have jobs…!!!


How are you @far_cry0, I am remembering you all!!!

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@patient :slight_smile:

You mean you think im high functional?

I’m usually functioning since I have a job :wink: But I’m not schizophrenic and I’m not currently functioning because of a breakdown

Ha ha I have a job but I haven’t even started yet. Let me finish my first day before you call me high functioning! Peace far cry!


TBH @patient, based on your posting history, you seem more like you’re trolling the forum than anything else.

Have you been diagnosed with sz or a similar disorder?

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Yes sz cant sz troll then?

We don’t tolerate trolls on the forum whether diagnosed or not.

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