A sub forum for higher functioning posters,some thoughts

I am sure some would welcome it but would it work ? The problem is how do you define high functioning,and are people necessarily skilled at accurately assessing their own level of functioning ?
Also how would it be assured that only high functioning posters posted there? How would the moderators make these decisions if such a forum was ever created?

Iā€™ve gotten so I feel i can measure it, my own functioning, not comfortable that I can totally control it with a stressful kind of job I used to have. It starts and takes weeks for me to build into a clinically psychosis state. Talked to my pdoc about this last time, she agrees. But then I also sometimes have diplopia, ptosis (drooping eyelid) and neurological symptoms to clue me into a flare of psychosis coming on, not always tho I learned this last time.

I would wish for a higher functioning forum. Like I said yesterday, or tried to say, since I thought this was sponsored by the NIH it should be more professional and not a free for all psychotic text board. I come here to learn from others experience tho too and being ill is part of it.

This is racistā€¦it would be class warfareā€¦your VIP club would have what like 12 people in itā€¦lol as a moderately functional member I say good luck you high functioning elitistā€¦this is all a joke BTWā€¦just pickingā€¦


13ā€¦but we do not need an Illuminatiā€¦everyone should just get alongā€¦talking about assessing own skills of functioningā€¦and only high functioning posters on such a forumā€¦?? Are we in rural India? Class society and separation?..no thanksā€¦just my 2 cents

Just putting it out there for debate as others have mentioned the needs of being high functioning .

Niceā€¦like this? :wink:

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Another thread- hijacked and ruined?! :disappointed:

Choppped my reply in piecesā€¦if there are needs of high functioning just have freedom of speech and let such 'lower functioning" people learn, why separate yourself? all I am saying, and many people who appear to be lower functioning probably have a better IQ than both of us anyways, they just donā€™t tell about itā€¦

I have met people that others thought were ā€˜dumbā€™ and come to find out had a 139 - 146 IQ and were brilliantā€¦once you get to know them and actually talkā€¦I am also in that rangeā€¦

Really if your needs are not being met here why not use reddit or 4chan or Facebookā€¦


@Quequeg why did you post up one of my vids and a wrestling vid? Iā€™m not complaining just wondering

I think relying on a high IQ criteria would be problematic as IQ level and level of functioning arenā€™t necessarily totally interchangeable.
I am regarded as highly/very intelligent by the pdocs who have treated me, but would only consider myself at a moderate level functioning wise.

I think this need could probably be best served by starting a private message and inviting people who seemed to be on a similar wavelength in functioning and recovery focus. I donā€™t see how the forum could establish any kind of official criteria for this as far as a public forum goes.


Anyone can feel free to PM about stuff that would probably be taken down or get you in trouble with the mods. Iā€™m a big boy, life isnā€™t all rainbows and uni-corns.

I make no promises, though, I could end up blocking you.

Iā€™ve heard that as a group schizophrenics are less intelligent than average. However, there is a sub group among schizophrenics that is substantially more intelligent than average. I remember one night someone posted an IQ test on this site. Just about everyone scored way higher than average on the test. I scored 136 myself.
There is a problem in your request as to how you determine who is ā€œhigh functioningā€. I once met a guy with an IQ of 158 who was totally dysfunctional. There was this brilliant atomic scientist who worked on the atom bomb who couldnā€™t figure out how to drive a car. A high IQ doesnā€™t necessarily mean high functioning, and a lower than average IQ doesnā€™t necessarily mean low functioning. Mohamed Ali had an IQ of 77. Iā€™m a little uneasy with the idea that all the mental activity we call intelligence can be reduced to a single number.


Those Internet iq tests arenā€™t exactly accurateā€¦just sayin

I took a real iq test once and scored 120 which is very good. I got an sat of 1870 which translates to 128ā€¦but that was prepsychosis

I also feel its too exclusive to the needs of our friends here. I function in some ways and am disfunctional in other waysā€¦

I guess the people who made the test would have an interest in creating a test that was skewed towards higher scores. I made a 127 on the WAIS test, but I was on Haldol at the time, and the producers of the test probably had lower scores that were counted in a higher percentile. A score of 123 would be put in as high a percentile on the WAIS that a 130 would be put in on the internet test. That said, this IQ test seemed pretty accurate to me. They had some number progressions on that test that I could not figure out. Iā€™ve heard that the SAT test and the ACT test are not IQ tests, but are achievement tests. What the difference is I wouldnā€™t know.

@crimby you are of course right about high functioning and high IQ not necessarily being connected. I have a high general IQ because of my verbal abilities but my non verbal/performance/spatial IQ is considerably lower. Like that atomic scientist I would struggle to drive a car. I have great difficulty with tasks requiring practical intelligence such as manual tasks.

Here is something from an article about NLD.

In many cases, however, adults with NLD / AS have several college degrees, yet are unable to find or keep work that matches their strengths and abilities. The reason for this is the disparity between a high verbal and a relatively lower performance IQ score of NLDers and ASers. While verbal IQ is most indicative of academic achievement, performance IQ points to the ability to achieve success at work.


Iā€™ve heard that serial killers have high IQā€™s. God save us from them.